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“Public domain is a classification of intellectual property which is immutably ownerless.”

The following terms and their respective definitions (and elaborating paragraphs) describe the intellectual property which comprises this website (i.e. the website whose Uniform Resource Locator is phonetically worded as Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com).

FILE: a named finite sequence of binary digits arranged in exactly one particular order which represents exactly one uniquely corresponding piece of information.

Each web page which comprises this website is encoded as exactly one uniquely corresponding Hyper-Text-Markup-Language (HTML) file.

INTELLECTUAL_PROPERTY: a named collection of some natural number of files.

OPEN_SOURCE: a classification of intellectual property which makes that intellectual property legal for any person to make indefinitely many copies of, to distribute any of those copies to any person, and to classify any of those copies (whether wholly or partially) as any person’s own original intellectual property.

PUBLIC_DOMAIN: open source intellectual property which is considered to be ownerless and part of the public World Wide Web.

The author of this website (i.e. Karlina Ray Beringer) has attempted to save each web page within this website to the WayBack Machine at the Internet Archive such that each saved web page can be retrieved indefinitely many times from any terminal of the World Wide Web (without having to enter login credentials nor pay money) by using the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the original web page to look up in the WayBack Machine database.

For each unique URL which is saved to the WayBack Machine, there exists a collection of saved versions of the web page assigned that URL such that each save is assigned a unique identifier within the WayBack Machine database. Each save can be viewed using a calendar interface which displays hyperlinked days in which at least one of those saves was made (and there is a maximum of ten saves of a particular URL per day). Each unique identifier of a particular save of is displayed as a hyperlink which opens the corresponding saved web page version when clicked on.

This web page was last updated on 12_OCTOBER_2022. The content displayed on this web page is licensed as PUBLIC_DOMAIN intellectual property.

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This web page was last updated on 15_NOVEMBER_2022. The content displayed on this web page is licensed as PUBLIC_DOMAIN intellectual property.