Instead of taking the usual route I have been taking from Warm Springs BART station to the OnTrac building (i.e. exiting the east side of the station and walking north on Warm Springs Boulevard (which becomes Osgood Road) and then taking a left on Automall Parkway), I decided to exit the west side of the station and walk through the shiny, sleek Aya apartment complex next to the Tesla factory west along Innovation Way and then north along Wisdom Road and then west along South Grimmer Boulevard and then north along Fremont Boulevard and then west along Automall Parkway (and I like the new route better than the old route).

I decided to stop inside of the 24 Hour Fitness along the way to ask the staff if they had laundry services and what their cheapest monthly rate is. I was told that they do not have laundry services and that the cheapest gym membership there is at least $40 per month. I was hoping I could use a gym as a place to shower and do laundry without having to go to my dad’s house in Castro Valley (which takes at least an hour to get to while walking uphill through places which make me feel forlorn and deprived of modernity and way too visible to people I am trying to avoid being seen by).

I was told via email and UPS tracking that my birth certificate is estimated to arrive tomorrow at my dad’s house at approximately 7pm. I also was told that I have a prescription refill for 18 gauge needles from the CVS pharmacy in Castro Valley (which I remember the first batch costing me approximately $10 because my insurance does not cover the needles). Two days ago I got a text message notifying me that a batch of syringes was available for me to pick up at that CVS (and I did not have to pay a cent for those because my insurance (i.e. MediCal) covers that in addition to covering the testosterone cypianate). Tomorrow I plan on stopping by the CVS to get the needles and I might go home to shower and do laundry (or I might wait until Friday to do so after I use my Friday paycheck of approximately $450 to purchase a bicycle from the Walmart near the intersection of Automall Parkway and Osgood Road). As soon as I can, I intend to travel back to Fremont with my new Social Security Card and/or Birth Certificate in order to submit the documents to the OnTrac office staff in the hopes that Human Resources approves me to continue being an employee at the company (and I have until 02_FEBRUARY_2023 to get that task done).

Anyway, what prompted me to want to make this note was thinking about how the following imagination game motivates me to make my life as fun, interesting, and productive as possible: pretending that I have an audience of fans who genuinely enjoy watching the ongoing livestream video of my visual and audio field (and those people are voluntarily watching rather than being forced to watch as captive audience members). I try to take my audience on adventures and talk out loud to them things I am thinking about; sometimes in a comical or theatrical manner. Without imagining that I have such an audience and live show to host, I do not feel as inspired to do my best because I feel like I have no one but myself to impress (which just is not quite as satisfying as role playing that I have a cult following of die-hard karbytes fans who love to watch my show).

One last thing: last night when I shared that journal entry about my TENTATIVE goal to get a job as a software engineer (or something related to software engineering which requires that I show off my computer science and information technology expertise) within two years after working nonstop as a package handler and studying up for my “dream job” in my spare time. I felt weird before, during, and after composing and publishing that journal entry online because I felt like I was sharing it mostly to get my critics to stop harassing me about how I am not showing enough ambition nor pursuing the career path which I had originally planned for years ago and may still be expected to do. I am not nearly as interested in getting a relatively high-paying and relatively prestigious job in tech as I am in having plenty of free time and minimal stress to pursue an open-ended and self-paced education on whatever topics interest me. Perhaps I do not mind living below the poverty line as much as other people would (and as much as other people think I ought to). Unlike most other humans, I do not seem to be interested in getting a partner nor having kids nor getting a house nor owning lots of expensive stuff. Instead, I prefer to remain as minimalist as I can stand (and I cherish being able to just walk around and camp in random relatively secluded places to sleep, meditate, and use my laptop and mobile Internet (and the cost of my setup is currently cheap enough for my current job to sustain)).

Perhaps all I really want to do is keep a low-stress job and make my main objective working on my personal websites. I love blogging and I love applying my computer science skills to philosophy on my own terms and at my own pace and such that I am my own target audience. Some people may denigrate that as being selfish, lazy, and wasteful of my prior college and internship experience. I pay my taxes and I publish free educational content on the web. Therefore, I think I do my “fair share” to positively contribute to society (and I also do my best to minimize my harmful impact on the environment by eating 99.99% vegan, not driving a petroleum powered car, and cleaning up after myself and sometimes others). As long as I continue doing that and avoid inconveniencing other people as much as possible, I think I am practically a saint; a model citizen.

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