Today I attended my appointment at the Castro Valley UPS store to have the vital records authorization form (which I sent to have printed at that store) notarized and then faxed to the number which VitalCheck provided. I see that the VitalCheck order to have a new copy of my birth certificate made and delivered to my current legal address is still in progress after using my order number and pin number to check my order status via the VitalCheck website (and the VitalCheck website said that it would take approximately 3 to 5 business days to process that order (and the $60 to complete that order has not yet been withdrawn from my PayPal balance)). Note that the notary service costed approximately $15 and printing the authorization form cost approximately $5.

Update: I added another selfie image to my Instagram page (which, like all my other social media accounts and personal websites, has always been intended by me to be viewable to the public because I want as many people as possible to be able to discover my online presence (and I am not very afraid of my online accounts getting hacked (though I do prepare for the worst by backing up as much of my personal website pages and associated files to the WayBack Machine so that an in-tact and relatively immutable copy of my personal websites exists and is viewable to the public in case someone hacks into my accounts and makes changes to my accounts which I do not authorize such as editing web pages, removing web pages, or adding web pages))). I added today’s (24_JANUARY_2023) selfie after I gave myself an intramuscular injection of approximately 0.7 milliliters of testosterone cypianate into my right thigh muscle while sitting in the East Dublin BART parking garage on the sixth floor while letting my laptop charge at the electrical outlet up there (and I have been giving myself testosterone injections once per every two weeks since November 2022 after getting medical approval and a doctor’s prescription from the Tenderloin District (San Francisco, California) Planned Parenthood as part of my personal holistic health care routine). I have been having difficulty drawing up the testosterone fluid without getting relatively large air pockets into the syringe. I watched a video on YouTube tonight which showed techniques for how to minimize the occurrence of air bubbles in the syringe (which includes having to squeeze some of the fluid back into the vial and then redrawing it up until there is only tiny air bubbles at most in the syringe). I think I will get the hang of how to do that after sufficient practice. What I notice from the testosterone is that I stopped menstruating last year, have more muscle mass, and have less subcutaneous fat around my pelvic and thigh regions and more subcutaneous fat around my waste. I do think I need to reduce how many calories I regularly ingest (and I really need to stop eating so much sugar because I might get diabetes if I do not). I am on a mission to be my happiest, healthiest, and most productive self this year. Part of my physical and mental health goals are related to taking “gender affirming hormones” to masculinize my physical appearance and internal chemistry because I feel most comfortable identifying as a man and not as a woman (though, if “gender affirming hormones” were neither safe nor legal nor affordable for me to take, I would probably make peace with my body in its natural hormone configuration yet continue to self-identify as being on the masculine side of androgynous (and my preferred pronouns are it (gender-neutral) and he/him (masculine) rather than she/her (feminine)). I try not to make a big stink about how other people address me. I just hope that, in time after taking the testosterone for several months and years, people will assume that I am a male rather than a female and hence use masculine pronouns to address me. (Note that, for approximately 1.5 years between 2009 and 2010, I initially took testosterone injections but quit after thinking that it would be too inconvenient for me to keep up the routine (because, at the time, I did not get the testosterone nor injection supplies for free like I do now). My voice dropped at least an octave as a result of that initial testosterone injection phase approximately four months into that phase to the extent that my voice has ever since sounded unmistakably like a normal adult cisgendered male human’s voice).

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