The following notes were compiled by karbytes throughout 22_JANUARY_2022 while karbytes was doing errands and relaxing in Dublin/Pleasanton before heading to Fremont via BART train and walking in order to attend karbytes’ first work shift of the week as a package handler at OnTrac. (Those notes were compiled mostly on karbytes’ ~$70 Android smartphone in the form of emails sent to karbytes from karbytes using Gmail (karlinaberinger99@gmail.com) to compose those emails and Gmail (karlinaberinger99@gmail.com) and ProtonMail (karlina.ray.beringer@protonmail.com and karbytesforlife@protonmail.com) to receive those emails. Those notes were then copy-pasted into the WordPress editor using karbytes’ ~$400 HP laptop (which has a Ubuntu operating system installed on it in place of the native Windows 10 operating system)).

Though the sleeping bag liner which I bought from the Dublin REI for approximately $100 made my flimsy sleeping bag which I bought from the Fremont REI for approximately $180 warmer, it was still inadequate to prevent my feet from feeling cold and the parts of my body which made contact with the concrete floor from remaining cold and never warming up. Hence, my plan today is to go to a cheaper store to purchase an affordable bulkier blanket to provide insulation which my current setup sorely lacks.

For approximately $18 I bought a fuzzy polyester gray throw blanket from the Dublin Walmart. Combined with my warm clothes, sleeping bag, and sleeping bag liner, I expect to be able to stay sufficiently warm while using that gear when the temperature drops to below water freezing point like it has been the past few nights.

After testing the new blanket with my other sleeping gear in the shade against the icy breeze in the daylight, I decided that I will go back to the Dublin Walmart to purchase at least one more of these blankets because one is not large enough to cover my body (but the parts that are covered are significantly warmer than the parts which are not). I just hope I can fit all this gear in my backpack without any spillage.

I was able to purchase two additional plush throw blankets from the Dublin Walmart (and they along with my other carry-on possessions fill my backpack to capacity). I am fairly confident that I now have everything I need to stay comfortable in the San Francisco Bay Area winter.

I have a hypothesis that all imaginable first-person experiences exist simultaneously and eternally and that a nervous system functions as a tuner which selects one of those “channels” to experience at a time. When a human enters a dream state while that human sleeps (or when that human consumes some types of psychedelic chemicals), one hypothesis I have is that the first-person consciousness experienced by that particular human is able to tune into realities which are alternate to that human’s notion of reality while awake and sober (and the alternate realities which are selected depend on that human’s particular nervous system configuration at the time of selection).

I also have been entertaining the hypothesis which states that, while in an altered state of consciousness which is different from being awake and sober, the first-person consciousness of a human can become disembodied and travel inside of and, perhaps, interact with that human’s base reality (where the physical body of that human is in some kind of dreaming or drug-induced or stress-induced altered state of consciousness) as an astral body and technologically observe its own physical body from a perspective which appears to be external to that physical body in real time (the actual state of the base reality where that human’s physical body is located). If what I hypothesized is true, then it may be possible to use astral projection to teleport, fly, permeate solid objects, and gather intel without being detected by electromagnetic signal sensors which are part of the physical infrastructure of that astral body’s relative base reality (assuming the astral body is comprised of a different configuration of matter and energy which appears to not interact with the matter and energy inside of that astral body’s corresponding base reality (though perhaps the astral body is comprised of electromagnetic radiation in a different frequency than what that astral body’s relative base reality is comprised of according to the physical body which observes only some frequencies of electromagnetic radiation and not what its corresponding astral body observes)).

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