The following notes were compiled by karbytes throughout 21_JANUARY_2022 while karbytes was riding the BART train, walking, and doing errands during karbytes’ weekend. (Those notes were compiled mostly on karbytes’ ~$70 Android smartphone in the form of emails sent to karbytes from karbytes using Gmail (karlinaberinger99@gmail.com) to compose those emails and Gmail (karlinaberinger99@gmail.com) and ProtonMail (karlina.ray.beringer@protonmail.com and karbytesforlife@protonmail.com) to receive those emails. Those notes were then copy-pasted into the WordPress editor using karbytes’ ~$400 HP laptop (which has a Ubuntu operating system installed on it in place of the native Windows 10 operating system)).

Last night I dreamt that I was standing approximately a meter away from Spencer Eugene Dyer who was looking at me with his green eyes with dilated pupils and talking to me about what I most valued about him as he used his left hand to point to his left pupil; insinuating that what I valued most about him was the conscious void staring out through those black pupils and filling the space between my astral body and his.

(I also dreamt that I was in a warehouse which looked similar to the place I have been working at as a package handler but the scene also looked like a dark cavernous part of a videogame. What I was doing in that space was assembling a scrapbook (a three-ring binder full of transparent plastic pages which were pockets for inserting documents). I remember putting my driver’s license in it and thinking about whether to make a photocopy of my license to put in that scrapbook or whether to put my actual license in there and possibly getting a new driver’s license to keep in my wallet. I was worried that the photocopy of my license would fade or otherwise get damaged due to the fact that it is made of flimsier material akin to paper).

Before I went to sleep and had the dreams which I described in the previous two paragraphs, I ingested less than a gram of Golden Teacher mushrooms (which was all I had left in my backpack). Those shrooms helped open my mind to what seems like transcendent realms which coexist with the universe I call my waking life experience. My goal is to capture as much knowledge as I can about the realms beyond my waking life universe and to document and preserve that knowledge (for as long of a time interval as possible) as content inside of this website. I hope to be able to verbatim transcribe my websites from my waking life universe to at least one of the dream universes I visit. I also hope to keep my websites preserved yet growing in my future lifespans. It would be very cool if my future selves could visit my present self and tell me that I made it across the metaphysical ravine in terms of preserving my continuity of web development and of consciousness. I hope I do not have to start over with a new nervous system devoid of what my current nervous system contains as memories and propensities, but I might have to start over as a brand new person. I doubt that I will cease to behold phenomena following the death of my human or cyborg body in my waking life universe because my research on consciousness has lead me to believe that reality is contained within one unified field of indestructible and irreducible consciousness and that all subjective experiences are fundamentally dreamed up by the same all-encompassing mind (and that reincarnation is more likely than is simply ceasing to have conscious experiences following death). It is an inspiring concept which makes me not feel so depressed nor worried about losing my material assets because I presumably have infinitely many chances to retrieve that stuff in future and parallel lifetimes (and, as a solipsist, I consider each person to be the sole inhabitant of the universe which that person appears to itself to be the only playable character inside of while everyone else which appears inside of that playable character’s field of awareness is a figment of that playable character’s imagination (and I consider there to be infinitely many universes coexisting simultaneously and eternally inside of one multiverse)).

Before my most recent work shift, I accidentally broke my glass bong (and simultaneously ran out of weed to smoke). I decided that is a “sign from the universe” to quit smoking. I plan to use only edible cannabis and magic mushrooms for the next few months (and probably less frequently than once per week in order to save money and to not develop too high of a tolerance).

Today for approximately $30 I bought some thin yet warm gloves and, for approximately $100, I bought a sleeping bag liner which is advertised as providing an additional 25 degrees Fahrenheit to whatever sleeping bag I put it inside of from the Dublin REI. I had a miserable experience last night only using the thin Kelty sleeping bag which I bought yesterday from the Fremont REI. I expect the gloves and liner to make working on laptop tonight sufficiently comfortable.

While exiting the East Dublin BART station, I watched a group of women hop the gate and not pay BART fare. “Go ahead and let them steal a ride. There is plenty of money coming into the Bay Area Rapid Transit system to accommodate fare evaders if such fare evasion is sufficiently rare,” I thought to myself. After all, I used to steal BART rides, food items, clothes, and USB-C cables from stores when I was short on funds back when I was unemployed and refusing to go on a diet just to accommodate my mother (the sole provider of my funds before I had a job) who implicitly has been suggesting that I should spend most of my time outside of work at home and that I should drive rather than walk, bicycle, and/or take public transportation because she thinks I should be more sedentary, housebound, and indifferent to the state of the environment. I don’t mean to denigrate my mother. I do believe she wants me to be safe, comfortable, and happy. I just think she does not exercise enough nor spend enough time in nature nor do enough intellectually stimulating activities to prevent her mind and body from atrophying to a disabling extent. I hope to be physically and mentally fit enough in my nineties to continue doing the following: going on long brisk walks, bicycling, using my computer to surf the web and to develop software, and to keep treating my life like a university education whose curriculum depends on what my current wants and needs are. I do believe that the concept of “use it or lose it” is true (which means that, if I want to stay physically and intellectually active and fit, I need to keep exercising the skills I do not want to live without. Anyway…

I’m back at the East Dublin BART station now to charge my phone. I’ll charge my laptop later after I go to my latest and greatest camping spot (which is fairly well hidden such that I appear to not even be there to people driving by that spot) to test my new gear and to compile the notes which I sent to myself as email messages on my phone into one journal entry web page. I’ll also grab another can ‘o gourmet cold brew coffee from the Whole Foods on my way to the “base camp” spot. Before I leave the parking garage, i want to share my latest thoughts about universal basic income and capitalism in general…

Suppose every person who is 18 years and older automatically and unconditionally receives the same basic income amount as every other person who is at least 18 years old on the first day of each month as a direct deposit into that person’s bank account (and not as a check nor as cash because it is easier to monitor the distribution of funds if those funds are provided electronically and more secure because, if a person waits for a paper check to arrive in the mail, that check could relatively easily be intercepted by a thief or delayed due to overloaded logistics systems which have to process a high volume of parcels or by traffic delays related to raising fuel costs, road closures, and other physical obstacles which prevent the check from arriving at the recipient’s mailbox in time). It is time to digitize all money (and voting ballots like what is done in Estonia).

Of course, people who have “special needs” such as a qualifying disability should be given only as much extra income as needed to compensate for that “special need”. I suppose that having one additional child (whether birthed or adopted) counts as having one extra “special need” to accommodate.

What I predict would happen is that the people would not be content to only get that government issued money (which comes from the taxes which human and/or robot workers pay some of their earnings towards and/or from money which is simply minted into existence such that all persons are able to continuously receive their allotted monthly income from the government). People would not want to be limited to only being able to receive money from the government because part of human nature is perpetual dissatisfaction and a craving for novelty. Even though robots will likely soon be able to effectively replace more than 95% of the human workforce, I think that all humans should be allowed to do token or actual labor in order to earn extra income (which means that lazier and less educated humans can simply trade their time for some hourly wage doing tasks such as greeting customers, spinning signs, and sorting mail (which the robots re-do to in order to correct human errors and to evaluate human performance) while more ambitious and skilled humans can apply their talent and ambition towards earning salaries doing work which is actually in demand because such work is not suitable to being outsourced to robots such as teaching, counseling, and conducting scientific research).

If a sufficiently high number of dollars are minted per month in order to pay for every person’s government-issued monthly basic income, then the value of a single dollar would presumably decrease (which means that the price of goods and services would need to increase in order to remain in sufficiently high supply). In order to prevent non-workers from not being able to afford basic necessities, goods and services which are deemed to be basic necessities and not luxuries would have to remain at a fixed price independently of how many dollars are currently in circulation (whether being transferred between bank accounts or whether sitting idly in bank accounts).

Meanwhile, luxury goods and services are allowed to fluctuate in price as the merchant of those goods and services deems necessary.

Non luxury commodities include economy grocery and miscellaneous household item stores, economy housing, basic medical care, emergency response services, public transportation, public library access, and public park access.

I decided to copy and paste the green lighted text on this web page into the next journal entry web page and then share the link to the next journal entry web page on my Twitter page, Minds page, and Patreon page because the green highlighted text on this web page succinctly and comprehensively distills the essence of my latest economic philosophy ideals (and I want the general public to be able to easily access that information).

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