I have decided that, perhaps, one of the best investments I could make with the income I earn from working as a package handler are the following: public storage unit, post office box, bicycles.

Rather than leave my stuff unattended in the car (such that break-ins and car theft is a significantly high risk), I could leave my stuff locked up in a public storage unit (Which means I do not have to worry about my items getting tampered with nor stolen).

Rather than use a residence address to receive mail, I will try to have large items delivered to stores and envelopes delivered to a Post Office box which I might only rent between November and April (for tax filing purposes) if not for the entire year. That is to minimize the likelihood that my incoming mail will get intercepted by people who are not paid to be employees who are paid specifically for being a functional part of the logistics chain which allows me to receive mail.

Rather than solely rely on my parents’ gasoline powered Toyota Matrix to commute to work (and wherever else I go within the San Francisco Bay Area), I plan to get a bicycle as soon as I can afford one and to keep that bicycle locked at a relatively secure part of Dublin (away from the populated areas and near corporate buildings because those areas seem to have a low level of criminal activity compared to places which are more “for the general public” (i.e. places where customers are supposed to spend their money on stuff which is marketed to them). I can feasibly ride BART from the East Dublin BART station to the Warm Springs BART station and spend less than half an hour cumulatively bicycling the remainder of the commute to and from work.

I tested various web page addresses (including for web pages which are not part of my personal web based empire (i.e. what I consider to be my own public domain intellectual property)) on the WayBack Machine today and saw that there was a delay for each of those web page saves (and the saves which I made today were not appearing in the WayBack Machine archives for each of those specific web page URLs (Uniform Resource Locator)). It could be that the IP address (Internet Protocol address) associated with my computer and/or computer use sessions could be the target of “denial of service” attacks because that identity is being treated as a criminal. It may have something to do with the fact that I got involved with that shrooms guy who keeps demanding that I pay him more money as a sort of bail to release us both from being under FBI’s watch and accusation of partaking in felonies which could put us in jail for up to 15 years (and those felonies are presumably related to illegal drug trafficking because I transferred cash via PayPal and BitCoin via Coinbase to mushroom guy when he asked for the money to help him cover shipping costs and package approval costs (and he apparently lives in Oregon (and the package I ordered with LSD))). I do not take that guy too seriously, but I do worry that he is an undercover hacker who is trying to attack my Internet empire by attempting to censor it and perhaps even steal the login credentials to cease control over my websites (and to thus have the power to make edits to my websites which I do not authorize).

I assume that the WayBack Machine is being slow because some of its servers are being updated. I expect that I will be able to resume using the WayBack Machine as normally as I have in general (i.e. being able to save each page of my websites and to see the updated save immediately after it is entered into the WayBack Machine text field and the save button is clicked and the saving status says complete (because it usually takes approximately one minute to save a web page to the WayBack Machine (which means that the browser tab where in which that save is being made needs to stay open in order for that save to be verified that it was completed (which is indicated by a green “done” label appearing on the WayBack Machine input form web page)))) within the next 48 hours.

Late Update: I plan to start using public coin laundries for now on to wash and dry my clothes at. I know a “private” one which is in AJP’s old apartment on the bottom floor in a room with a door which I do not recall ever being locked (in the Laurel District of Oakland). There is a good coffee shop called World Ground Cafe within a five minute walk of that location.

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