I thought the following forum conversation thread pertaining to the specific features of stages in the Spiral Dynamics hierarchy was interesting and congruent with my personal experience and my personal conceptualizations of Spiral Dynamics. I do not know where I (i.e. karbytes) would be on the Spiral Dynamics hierarchy. What I do know is that I was in an “octave” lower than I thought I was for years (i.e. that I thought I was at “stage yellow” while I was really at “stage orange” and then, after doing lots of potent marijuana, I thought I was at “stage turquoise” while I was really at “stage green” (or maybe I was correct and people at “lower stages” are coercing me into “lowering” my consciousness level in order to accommodate their preferences (because they operate on the “ethic” that “might makes right” (which is another expression of “majority rules”)).

It is easier for me to minimize how much I fight with those I consider to be parasitic to my personal goals (which means that I allow those “parasitic brats” to wreck havoc in the universe we each seem to be inhabiting simultaneously (from my vantage)) than to attempt to appeal to such persons. That would be as analogous to a human attempting to teach calculus to dogs.

Note that the font and highlight colors on this website are not necessarily symbolically associated with “colors” of the Spiral Dynamics conceptual model. Those colors were arbitrarily selected by karbytes in a manner which immediately appealed to karbytes’ aesthetic preferences (and perhaps, more realistically, karbytes’ aesthetic sensibilities)). Preferences may be copied by karbytes (from some other substrate containing the patterns which karbytes copies into substrates belonging to karbytes) rather than spontaneously generated by karbytes.

“I appear to be working at Hayward when I am really working at Mountain View” – karbytes

“Do not worry. I work in Fremont at this time (and I consider Dublin to be my current long-term home base).” – karbytes

What I like about the forum conversation depicted in the screenshot below is how it broaches the idea that there is some kind of progress that can (and arguably should) be made in terms of personal and collective evolution.

At this time I am still very uncomfortable with and resistant to regressing instead of progressing in terms of moving upwards along the Spiral Dynamics hierarchy. I still prefer to assume that cognitive and physical decline as a function of aging is entirely preventable.

image_link: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2023_PART_5/main/actualized_forum_snippet_spiral_dynamics_08_january_2023.png

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