karbytes_0: “The question is: are you reading these words or are you writing these words?”

karbytes_1: “What karbytes_0 means to express is that each person at all times is subject to being exposed to electromagnetic waves which transmit messages exclusively to that person’s nervous system by ‘mind hackers’ which causes the target of those transmissions to ‘hear voices’ in its head which other persons probably do not hear which are at an optimum volume and timing to avoid being consciously detected. Such externally sourced ‘thoughts’ could be mistaken by the receiver of those electromagnetic wave transmissions to be that person’s original thoughts (i.e. thoughts generated by that person’s brain rather than from incoming electromagnetic signals transmitting ‘thoughts’ from a location external to that person’s brain).”

karbytes_2: “To answer the question karbytes_0 is asking, I will say the following: I am writing these words if I am thinking (and I claim that I am because these words seem to require more effort than passively listening without intentionally generating words which match my personal language and cultural preferences).”

karbytes_3: “What karybtes_2 says inspires me to suggest that what karbytes_2 implies by effort to think specific thoughts as ‘ego energy’ (i.e. cognitive resources used to sustain an ego (which is a sort of time crystal (which is a pattern of phenomena (which are differences in localized energy) whose pattern is evident only in four-dimensional space-time and not in fewer dimensions (because time is needed to see the digital structure which could be subjectively represented as a piece of music playing to an audience capable of rendering that music as the author of that music experiences that piece of music))).”

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