The following notes and screenshots (except for the bottom screenshot) pertain to themes which were discussed in previous journal entries in this website. (The bottom screenshot pertains to my interest in wildlife and natural science).

P: “You look like you don’t have anyone in your life who you need to surf the web for.”

karbytes: “It sounds like what you are saying is that, if I do not have any significant others in my life, then I do not deserve to pursue an education because I education is for showing off to other people; not for intrinsic enjoyment. If you ended up marooned on a desert island and there was a treasure trove full of books (and you had the means to survive from eating fruits and spear hunting fish and drinking water from the fresh water waterfalls) would you not read any of those books?”

P: “During the past five years, you only read books (cover to cover and not just jumping around to read a few select passages) while incarcerated at a jail; not anywhere else. That is because you are too self absorbed to put away your ego to make someone else’s thoughts the center of your attention.”

karbytes: “I think most books are a waste of my time to read (especially fiction). I read mostly for entertainment purposes while not expecting to get much educational value from what I was reading (and, as far as I am concerned, I did not get much educational value from any books I read while I was in jail). I am not a people-person, but I do crave to read books and articles written by people who are more educated and experienced than I am in science and engineering on all matters because I trust those minds more than I do ‘average minds’ (and average minds seem to be concerned with little other than homeostasis and socializing with familiars).”

P: “People are the most important things in human existence. You only care about yourself (and that is why you are being treated as not deserving of educational advancement). If you are not going to apply your education to helping people other than yourself, then you deserve to be deprived of being able to do anything but survive with scant economic resources and while being villainized (and treated in a passive-aggressive manner by other people so that you are terrorized into being more accommodating of and interested in those other people in order to get your basic needs met because those other people are the gatekeepers to most of the things you want in life).”

karbytes: “I do not disagree. I can tell that I am implicitly being treated like I deserve to be treated worse than those who are more extroverted and socially enmeshed than I am by society in general (and by people like you).”

P: “That’s right! You don’t need to be in good health if you don’t have other people to live for and to care for. It’s okay if you are cut in line to get a vital organ transplant so that some child or pregnant woman can get that organ instead of you (even if it means you die). It is always better that the childfree adults die in place of children and the adults who are responsible for their upkeep and/or origination. That is because the purpose of human civilization is to make sure that the adults are too poor and too deprived of free time to afford being as independent as you are. Having kids means you have much higher expenses and much less freedom to do your own thing. That is the main reason why capitalism implicitly demands to make human reproduction and raising children the most important functions of society. The system needs naive, gullible, and brainwashed-into-submission (from the start) citizens who are ready to reflexively dance according to capitalism’s whims on a mad quest to compete for (necessarily and intentionally scarce) material resources which cost money and which only the most cherished members of society get to have a relatively satisfying access to. Everyone else is supposed to suffer their entire lives being deprived of what capitalism makes affordable only to the wealthiest (and necessarily the most connected to wealthy people) breeders.”

karbytes: “So I am apparently being treated as a delinquent for not wanting to make childrearing more central to my existence.”

P: “That’s right! After a certain age, you’re not supposed to have free time for solitary pursuits. After a certain age, you are supposed to have no time for anything except for work, survival, and family. You are supposed to lose friends and brain cells and embrace premature aging as a consequence of normalized atrophy (because staying physically and mentally fit is seen as bourgeoisie and anti-American (unless you have an annual income greater than or equal to $60,000 (but if that is the case, you would be expected to have (or to be in desperate pursuit of) a spouse, multiple biological offspring, and a house because $60,000+ per year is way too much money for a lone single adult to handle. He would need to fill that void with members of his tribe))).”

karbytes: “Are people simply not supposed to live alone?”

P: “God did not design humans to thrive in isolation from other humans. All humans are supposed to have their lives defined by their tribes and to not commit infidelity against those tribes. Childless single adults who are not looking for a spouse to have multiple kids with are snobby, isolationist, stingy aristocrats who deserve to have more than half their income taxed and most of their inheritance money taken forcibly by the state to give to working class families instead. A single adult without kids does not need more than $30,000 annually (and should not be allowed to tap into more than $1,000 per month of its own wages/salary or as government-issued supplemental income for disability or old age. I think that the government should garnish people’s wages so that single adults without kids are prevented from splurging on themselves. Only families with prepubescent children to showcase as flesh offerings and future indentured servants should be allowed to handle more than $1,000 per month).”

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