Here is some “clearing the cache” thoughts which I decided to get out of my mind and onto this web page (which I hope is accessible to the general public rather than censored to “protect” the fragile pygmies from information which might make them feel suicidal, like running away from their jobs, like abandoning or harming their families, and from disrupting the peace and social order)…

Today I attended the first onboarding session at a package handling facility in Fremont, California (which is located very close to where I first stared experiencing what I colloquially refer to as “technological telepathy” in February 2019 for lack of a more precise term). While I was sitting in the waiting room, I thought I heard other people commenting on “the voices” which were speaking in the background and which were responding to the thoughts I was thinking. Based on what I have observed over the past few years, I think it is most pragmatic for me to outwardly behave as though only I and a small number of law enforcement and military personnel are involved in that “technological telepathy” continuous multi-way “phone call” while (unless people specifically broach the subject with me (and so far almost no one has)) while inwardly behaving as though almost everyone in my vicinity can hear my thoughts. (I think that those others would deny that they believe that the “technological telepathy” I describe exists and that I am either lying or else hallucinating as a result of a brain malfunction while speaking in very informal terms to familiars about such “voices” while never discussing nor inquiring about how such “voices” are physically occurring and why). I bet that those “kids” all started hearing “the new government” talking inside of people’s heads as adolescents and young adults but almost none of those “kids” think about what the source of those voices are, how those voices are transmitted (i.e. what physical infrastructure and physical processes are involved (because dat shit be too technical for da rat bwains)), whether those voices are from humans or artificial intelligences, what the goals are of those deploying that technology, and other concrete details. “Don’t worry. It’s just the police or whatever. We all hear it. We just carry on like it’s a family friend in the background. We trust it’s hear to keep us safe and from getting ahead of our clan. It’s for making families stick together; to think in the same verbiage and images; to keep the economy flowing as it’s supposed to flow (and it sure is working as well as it could though we all lazily joke about how we wish things could be easier).”

To get back to being practical, I think I will have success finding and keeping a job doing warehouse work as a package handler. Such a job does not require that I interact with children nor their entitled, whiny, childish parents. Such a job does not require that I drive trucks (which is dangerous, time consuming, and not compatible with my lifestyle as a psychonaut who intends to consume psychedelic substances as a hobby). Drug testing does not seem to happen more than once for package handlers at one employer (and I doubt that psychedelic compounds and cannabis are what employment drug tests screen for (because I remember seeing only some kinds of substances be screened such as amphetimines, opiates, and things which are considered to be dangerous “street drugs” and even some kinds of pharmecutical drugs)). Such a job does not require that I make eye contact often nor stand idly while cornered and forced to make small talk with one or two other people who are also cornered like manequins on display for the general public to “use” like human sushi tables. Being a package handler is a job where I get to move around and sort things and focus on refreshingly impersonal and concrete and apolitical phenomena like area codes, package sizes, and space management. I do not expect to have to talk much about anything other than what my job specifically entails. I do not think I should have to talk about my personal life (but I will candidly share details if people ask for them because I feel that I have almost nothing to hide (and if I have information to hide it is to protect me from getting stolen from (time and health included))). I believe there are lots of people who want me to live on disability so that I feel ostracized, poor, socially isolated, neglected, embittered, depressed, infantilized, punished (for formerly being a “special snowflake”), and economically stagnant. I also think that there are people who desperately want me to feel forced to present myself as feminine instead of masculine and to feel relegated only to “pink collar” jobs such as waitressing, cashiering, sex work, babysitting, and caring for invalids because such people think that it is a sin for a female-bodied human to have such high testosterone levels and to be as selfish, systems-oriented (rather than people oriented), autonomous, physically (and mentally active) as men typically are. Women are supposed to have smaller ranges in terms of where they travel, what they think about, what they do with themselves, how the move, what they dress, which words they use, and how they feel. Women have to be emotionally “hot” rather than “cold” (which means they have to talk a lot in an anxious and cheerlessly glib manner (and with as little energy as possible so that they do not look like they are gearing up to do anything rigorous anytime soon (especially in front of the boys (and girls basically have nowhere to get physical exercise other than the bedroom and it ain’t much exercise (and it shows because they typically lack muscle definition, are enrobed in very thick blubber layers, and have weak heart beats as though they are anemic))))).

P: “How dare you insult the wimmin. As punishment for thinking offensively about wimmin, you deserve to have to live like a wimmin does.”

karbytes: “My priorities, knowledge, skills, and abilities are different than that of most wimmin. Hence, I do not have to suffer her fate.”

P: “It’s not fair that you cannot get knocked up even if you are raped and your interuterine device is ripped out.”

karbytes: “Thankfully I do not have to trick my body into thinking it is pregnant in order to prevent the fertilization of eggs as a result of taking artificially high amounts of estrogen. Testosterone is also a means of birth control (but rather than make me more depressed, lethargic, flabby, and irrational, it makes me the opposite).”

P: “Shut up! You’re not a doctor.”

karbytes: “You are right. I am not a doctor.”

P: “Then you shouldn’t be saying medical advice. You deserve to get sued for that.”

karbytes: “I have no money to give. What are you gonna do; garnish my wages?”

P: “Worse! Lock you in prison and force you to give all your earnings from slave labor to someone else.”

karbytes: “What’s my crime?”

P: “Suggesting that women take male hormones. That ruptures the fabric of what society is all about: the fruits of a man and woman’s love.”

karbytes: “Are you suggesting that sexual reproduction is the purpose of society?”

P: “Yes. The purpose of society is to ensure that there will always be crowded emergency rooms full of pregnant women having emergencies in the form of pregnancy complications, births, and children with health issues to manage and make a profit from. We cannot just let people stop sexually reproducing. Childless adults just do not tug on our heartstrings the way wimmin and children do (and fathers and husbans). We need that tug on the heart strings to feel alive. Childless aduls like you just don’t seem to need as much fussing over. Hence, people like you make us feel not quite as needed.”

karbytes: “Are you against robots taking over human jobs such that humans are neiter overworked nor underpaid?”

P: “I am against automation if it means people feel obsolete. People need purpose. They cannot easily do it on their own. They need someone else to really give them a push to go out of their comfort zone to care for others. Otherwise, people get soft, lazy, xenophobic, and isolationist.”

karbytes: “Not necessarily. If people had sufficient money and free time, they could find things to do with that money and time other than bare minimum homeostasis. I think humans crave novelty and challenge and are naturally curious and will want to go out and do something educational, artistic, philanthropic, adventurous, athletic, et cetera.”

P: “You make it sound like all people are here to do is show off.”

karbytes: “That is what it looks like to me. Nature seems to do little other than show off to itself.”

* * *

Homelessness is implicitly a sin and a crime. People who are homeless must have done something to make other people want to turn against them. Hence, homeless people deserve to be tortured and deprived of comfort, health, safety, fun, and upward economic mobility. Homeless people are parasites and public burdens which Families should not have to deal with. Society belongs to Families; not to loners nor iconoclasts. Hence, homeless people should be sacrificed in order to spare Families from being sacrificed. A homeless person should always give up its place in line for a wimmin and children (and with gusto and charm). It’s okay for girls to taunt and stick out there tongues and say derogatory things to homeless people, but it is never okay to act rudely towards wimmin and children. Homeless people should be deprived of steady employment so that they stay poor because criminals should not be allowed to re-enter “normal” society after they commit a crime (and not having allies is a serious crime and keeping homeless people from ascending to higher ranks in society sends other people the message not to follow suit; to not have fall-outs with “loved ones”). It’s all about people; not talent, not luck, not skill, and certainly not smarts. What matters is team work and team cohesion and uniformity of thought and uniformity conduct.

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