The screenshot of a Minds post with comments appended to it captures some information about my experience as a WordPress website developer. It took me approximately half a decade to finally launch my dream website-based empire. What I did over those years was learn through much self-directed, solitary “trial and error” and heavy reliance on Internet forums, documentation, and “random” boosts from strangers how to “optimize” my websites, code, and creative and spiritual practices. I appreciate the fact that the Mind user was kind enough to do what I have been asking people to do for months (if not years). He was the first person to tell me what my websites look like.

Then again, he might have looked only at the screenshot of the DONATIONS_PORTAL section of my primary website which I shared in a later Minds post. I still do not have what I feel is sufficient evidence to support the claim that my primary and secondary websites are not being censored from the public Internet. I hope they are not being censored from the public Internet. I hope that I gather what I deem to be significantly more information on the matter before I die or lose my mental and/or sensory faculties to what I deem to be severely crippling extent. (Then again, such an endeavor would be like me needing other people to help me prove that my personal rendering of reality is not solipsistic (i.e. the only phenomena in existence). If I become omniscient, then I would know whether or not my subjective first-hand experience is solipsistic or not (or what the extent of my solipsism is like (and I visualize “God mode” as encompassing a single large room which is shaped like a branching and reconnecting series of corridors with nothing blocking the continuity of air filling every cubic centimeter of that network of tunnels)). I think that only “God mode” level sentience would be solipsistic because nothing logically exists outside of that singular all-encompassing scope.

(Note that the Minds and Twitter posts which depict an outdated screenshot of the DONATIONS_PORTAL of my primary and secondary websites has been deleted).

Follow up: I re-read the comment left by that other Minds user and think that he might mean to imply preformatted text (text which is enclosed inside of pre HTML tags) when he said variable text. Then again, he might have meant hyperlink text, bold text, or highlighted and specially colored text. (On closer inspection I think he means to imply the user interface component of the JavaScript web applications which are featured in the code tutorial web pages of my primary website. It looks like he even tested the hover feature of user interface elements which change their appearance in response to having the cursor touch those elements). I hope to receive more comprehensive and useful feedback about my website from more people this year.

image_link: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2023_PART_3/main/minds_karbytes_01_january_2023_part_1.png

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