The quote from Actualized dot Org which suggests that (a) God exists, (b) that omniscience exists, (c) that God is omniscient, and (d) that a human being can approach omniscience (whether such “progress” is measured (especially by that particular human) of not) seems like mere speculation (based on what I think is fairly sound logical reasoning and what I presume to be first-hand empirical data (i.e. “real time” rendering of the quote author’s environment which substantiates that author’s current experience of physical reality and relatively abstract pieces of data which is stored in the author’s memory and perhaps co-experienced with that author’s current experience of physical reality)). I want to believe that I will be able to reincarnate limitlessly many life spans and inhabit limitlessly many universes and be able to go back and forth between omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence and being constrained to an apparently finite space-time continuum rendered as apparently one partial frame of reference for the duration of that space-time continuum limitlessly many times (which means that, despite my omnipotence while in “God mode”, I cannot override fundamental laws of the multiverse which prevent me from permanently crippling my “God mode” and ability to return “suicidally depressed” incarnations back to “God mode” for nondeterministic “re-entry” into the life spans and temporal locations within those life spans as a “back up and reset” feature (undoing “mistakes” while not canceling their existence). What I mean to imply by the previous sentence is that I would like every information processing agent to be able to access “God mode” and to never be permanently deprived of that “God mode”. What I would personally create in “God mode” (note to self in case I do after this note is written in my life span) is an indestructible Internet Archive which preserves all digital artifacts which are submitted to that Internet Archive. I expect dreams, memories, and perhaps even entire reconstructions of lives and universes can be stored in verbatim digital retrievable format as items stored in that Internet Archive. (I think that all phenomena are fundamentally comprised of discrete states from a finite set of unique discrete states).

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