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I decided to take my red Coleman tent (which I bought from Target for approximately $70) out of the closet to set up today so that I would have some protection from mountain lions, rain, and some extra privacy. I took that tent all the way to the area close to where I camped last night. My original idea was to set up the tent on the hillside which is south of the entrance to the Ramage Peak trail and east of the Redwood Canyon Golf Course, but when I did, several horses gathered around me thinking that I had food. I was afraid of getting kicked or trampled, so I rather foolishly left my backpack and tent near the bush I was planning on setting up my tent behind (so that people looking up at the hill from the vantage of Redwood road would not see the tent). I cringed when I saw the horses manipulate my backpack with their hooves because my precious laptop computer was in there. I tried “negotiating” with the horses using my body language and vocalizations to let me retrieve my stuff but they were quite belligerent and ganged up on me. After a while, they finally moved out of the way so that I could grab my stuff. Stupidly I tried to set the tent up again in their pasture area and the herd gathered around thinking the tent had food in it. I left the tent components on the hillside and climbed higher up the hill in order to wait for them to move out of the way so that I could grab my tent components and bring them outside the pasture to set up my tent somewhere outside that pasture area. (I took two decent photographs from that vantage which I uploaded to Instagram and GitHub). After getting all of my stuff back and hopping the fence back to the other side, I set up my tent in what I hope is a relatively hidden spot (but tomorrow I will take down my tent and set it up somewhere else which is not so close to the road). After I set up the tent, I heard some coyotes making loud vocalizations (i.e. howling and barking) and saw them on the hillside. One of the coyotes sat in one place for approximately five minutes. I saw its head turn to look around. I also heard turkeys making loud vocalizations (i.e. gobbling) seemingly in response to the coyotes making noises. Now it is dark and I hear crickets chirping and frogs croaking down by the creek which passes through the golf course. I also just heard some raccoons making squeaking sounds. Then I heard the raccoons make softer vocalization sounds which sound very similar to the vocalizations which my pet fire bellied toads from childhood used to make at night in my room.

I must admit that having this tent is very nice. I was browsing more tents by the brand on Amazon dot Com and saw one which has “darkroom technology” for blocking out sunlight and heat (and for housing up to two people). That would be a more ideal tent for me than what I currently have (because the tent I currently have lacks that “darkroom technology” and is excessively large for my needs; providing enough room for me to almost stand all the way up inside of and enough room for four people to lay down inside of). What I plan to do with my $100 Friday allowance is order a new backpack from Amazon (the same brand which I am currently using (which is Teton)) so that I can use my current backpack (which is approximately two years old and barely functional after having several broken zippers, missing buckles, and some holes in the fabric) as a backup backpack or as a storage container for transporting my stuff (and I only have approximately $500 or less worth of stuff and less than what would fit in a small closet). Besides getting a new laptop computer (eventually), my next purchase over $300 would be a commuter bicycle (which I imagine would cost approximately $800). I am not making much of an effort to save money right now because my income is very small at this time, but I do seem to be saving slightly more than what I spend. Like I said in earlier journal entries, I do not intend to start looking for a new job until after I complete approximately 90 days of my Summer Camp by Karbytes experience.

(By the way my laptop appears to be working fine even though it was “randomly” shutting down frequently for a period lasting no longer than approximately 2 days sometime within the past two weeks. I am quite enjoying using my laptop in my cozy, affordable, and portable outdoor bedroom of a tent. I just heard some owls hooting and making harmonies).

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