I feel compelled to admit that I feel a bit embarrassed from some of the things I recently wrote and for some of the ways I behaved in public. I was caught with my pants down today peeing on a tree by some guy in a car honking the horn. As I walked away, he drove past me and threw a water bottle at me seemingly to express his discontent at my slovenly conduct. I am also embarrassed to be found lounging in the dirt in places other people frequent which are technically not designated campgrounds (and where I live is not very far from designated camping grounds).

I’ve been talking a big game about requiring so much more privacy than the average individual while noticing many people diligently working or studying with their laptop computers in coffee shops I frequent. If they can do it, then so can I. Those people don’t seem to require acres of privacy to surround them in order to be productive.

Another thing I’m embarrassed about is what I wrote last night about women being physically and mentally underdeveloped compared to men when, in reality, I see men and women as roughly equal in terms of how developed they are physically and mentally. I greatly exaggerated the sexual dimorphism in humans by comparing it to the Western Tusson Moth (and males of that species have wings while females of that species are wingless). Also, I feel bad saying women are ugly and immature when most do not come across that way to me at all. It’s that cartoon stereotype who I referred to as pig_gorl who seems to exude “toxic femininity” in the form of lacking masculine attributes which most real women seem to have (and I think that most men would be repulsed by pig_gorl and hence not want to date because she is a childish, bratty, and stupid gold digger).

I know that most people do not have affordable green transportation options which allow them to commute reliably enough to get to work and appointments on time. I know that vegan dietary options are often expensive, hard to find in stores, and require research and trial and error which might leave some people feeling malnourished and dissatisfied and difficult to socialize around. If I allowed myself to sometimes deviate from being vegan, I would be easier to live with, work with, and hang out with because I would not be forcing the group to accommodate my “special needs”.

Lastly, I know some people take issue to me talking out loud to myself in public (and even in private). I see why. It is distracting, obnoxious, and a little worrisome because that’s not something most people do. People who talk out loud to no one in particular tend to have serious mental illnesses and/or drug addictions while living in squalor. Out of courtesy to other people in my vicinity, I should refrain from making noise needlessly or excessively. I should try not to do things which make people think I’m suffering when I’m not. Even if I am suffering, I should not spread my suffering to others any more than necessary and, instead, take remedial action immediately or else shut up about it.

That’s all the personal updates I have to share for now. Have a great rest of your day and I hope to write to you later. Bye!

A word of warning: it is probably best for everyone if you to refrain from arguing with political conservatives because political conservatives are known to retaliate with violence when threatened by ideas, opinions, beliefs, modes of personal expression, and ways of life which contrast sharply with political conservative ideals. Remember that there are only two genders and that one’s gender is identical to one’s birth sex (but people who are intersex are assigned one of those two genders according to a physician’s recommendations about what that intersex baby most closely resembles). Do not make a fuss of someone “misgenders” you. Just carry on like you do not care what people refer to you as. Don’t let mere words concern you. Instead, be worried about threats to your physical safety. Don’t do things which are unnecessary and which are likely to invite violent retaliation from political conservatives. Remember that “might makes right” which means that violence is the de facto way to conclusively end arguments and to prevent them from ever starting. Be careful not to upset those around you. Be mindful to always be useful to those around you because, in order to maintain access to provisions and protections, you must continually demonstrate your usefulness to your local community and nation at large.

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