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People routinely try to disrupt my sleep seemingly in order to shorten my lifespan and prevent me from learning and from having any fun at all (seemingly as punishment for socially unacceptable things I said and done in the past). I didn’t want to have to go to extremes but I’m starting to realize that I will have to use a tent (to keep mountain lions and rain off me) and venture a little bit more out of the way of humans if I want even a single sleep session which does not come to an abrupt end merely because humans make jarring and menacing noises at me.

Part of the reason I’m “on camp” is to learn how to successfully adapt to living in a world which seems designed to prevent me from enjoying naturally good health. After all, sickness sells because it sells more medical treatments and subscriptions to pharmaceutical drugs. I also seem to be in an ongoing territorial dispute with people who think I deserve to be removed from the region I (legally) live in because I don’t conform to the locally culture as well as those people want me to.

Like I said in earlier journal entries, there seems to be an implicit curfew in the part of town where my house is located. It also seems that, in that part, women are hardly allowed to go outside alone or for very long distances. They seem to only go out with other humans and dogs with them and almost never on bicycles. They also seem to be wearing as few articles of clothing as necessary to prove that they ain’t going out for too long; just enough to get no more than half an hour of time off from constantly being crammed into cars or shoved away into houses or buildings. I got flagged down a few times by local cops for wearing a backpack (which made me look relatively homeless (and homeless people are technically not allowed to exist in those parts)).

Finally, I must admit that, since I started working graveyard shifts at Amazon warehouse in January 2017, I noticed a bunch of loud construction occurring right outside my house and almost everywhere I camped after that. I started to think that there has been a multi-year war on me in particular for wanting to get consistently decent sleep (because I am supposed to normalize sleep deprivation, poor health, and anti-intellectualism as long as I work in “blue collar” professions instead of “white collar” professions).

I was originally planning on only doing “white collar” jobs prior to 2016, but in 2016 I rebelled and tried out a “social justice warrior” identity which had me doing restaurant, retail, and warehouse jobs to the exclusion of “white collar” jobs. (I did work at least one “white collar” job: my three year internship at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as a student intern writing Google Apps Script web applications for staff as part of the lab’s information technology collaborative services department which was a contract job from 01_JUNE_2012 to 30_SEPTEMBER_2015). I was afraid that I would be prevented by other people from doing “white collar” jobs unless I conformed more closely than I want to to local community standards (which means I would hardly get to think and to speak in my own preferred vernacular, almost always be confined to the house, and almost never allowed to be more than 20 feet from other people who preside over me and keep me from deviating from a very limited role play character for those people’s comfort and convenience). I was hoping that I would be able to “sneak” in time to work on computer programming and academics which personally interests me at times and places where other people are not likely to intrude upon me but I have yet to find a consistently effective way to keep the ornery killjoy tyrants out of my study spaces. Hence, I venture deeper into the wilderness to find solace away from the greedy control freak humans who seem to take great pride in driving delivers fuel-inefficient gasoline guzzling vehicles which look like military tanks and in paying to have sentient animals slaughtered and turned into meat even though plant based options are cheaper to procure, much less ecologically destructive, and just as nutritious and delicious as animal flesh is. I see that many if not most of the humans around me force me to ingest carcinogenic and otherwise toxic chemicals from their car exhaust and reliance on other ecologically destructive industries under the justification that doing so is cheaper and more convenient than taking extra measures to mitigate one’s harmful ecological impact. I appear to be the only environmental activist for miles. Everyone else seems to relish in wrecking havoc on the environment because such people seem to have favoritist religious beliefs that God will spare those people from harm and whisk those people away on a one-way trip to a utopian paradise in the afterlife (or even during their human lifetimes in the form of being part of an exclusive elitist community which gets to live inside of habitable bubbles while everyone else suffocates, starves, or dies of cancer due to the collapse of Earth’s ecosystems which formerly sustained agriculture and which provided humans breathable air, an ozone layer, and biodiversity.

Well, that’s all I have to say for now. Have a fun day and I will hopefully have something pleasant to share with you in the future. Bye!

One last thing: I would like to turn away from politics and culture and, instead, go full-throttle in the direction of what actually pertains to my deepest spiritual longings and personal interests. I would like to rekindle the spirit which helped to bring Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com into existence. What I mean by that is, for now on (or mostly), only pouring myself into projects which are apolitical, relatively esoteric, and of interest exclusively to technophiles and nature enthusiasts. My target audience of that website would be adults who are unabashedly nerdy and into computer programming, physical science, and analytical philosophy (and my content would exclude talking about ethics, politics, money, celebrities, or any personalities in particular). Such content would not be “charitable” because it does not seem to serve society in some utilitarian way. Instead, it is mere mental masturbation exclusively for my own pleasure. It is a return to purity which was never lost and whose themes pertain to subjects which transcend relatively ephemeral cultural trends. The content I prefer to spend most of my time on is something I imagine would appeal to intelligent aliens just as much as it would appeal to humans of my ilk because the concepts which most fascinate me seem universal much like how objects and relationships between objects within the context of pure mathematics seems to be absolutely objective (i.e. context independent) rather than subjective (i.e. context dependent).

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