Though I am not exactly happy to bring this rather banal subject up again, I feel the need to do so hopefully for one last time because this subject keeps getting brought to my attention seemingly whenever I want to do anything remotely masculine by shrill, sexist, patriarchy-mongering pig_gorl. She keeps interrupting discourses I have which stray away from repetitive, shallow, sensationalist, and wasteful bantering about how I need to stop what I am doing and focus on her being whorish, impatient, insecure, combative, and anti-intellectual. Not every biological woman is as lame as pig_gorl seems to depict herself to be, but I have recently been exposed to many examples of biological women acting more immature and dumb than actual children (seemingly in order to earn the approval of proponents of the patriarchy (and the patriarchy is the systemic subjugation of women and contrasting elevation of men)). I do think that political conservatives like pig_gorl are more likely to promote gender differences than I am. I would rather promote the eradication of gender differences and turn everyone into men. What I mean by that is encouraging all the biological women to take testosterone so that they can perform at the same level physically and mentally as men. (It should be noted that women with functional uteruses could temporarily cease testosterone in order to become pregnant and give birth to offspring. Hence, the species could continue to proliferate but without having to leave women in a relatively crippled state in order to do so).

Warning: the following notes are a bit inflammatory and rather hastily written. I wanted to get these thoughts out of my head and into this website were they can be preserved as memories external to my brain. Then I can fill my limited brain space with more useful information.

A biological woman has little to contribute to society other than her capacity to bare offspring, lactate, and provide sexual and emotional support to biological men. Meanwhile, a biological man is orders of magnitude more likely than a biological woman to contribute to society in terms of pragmatic knowledge and genuinely impressive artistic, intellectual, and athletic feats. That is because biological men have had more time to develop themselves physically and mentally for roles outside of merely birthing the next generation. While men converse in depth about solving complex engineering problems which have large scale implications on human civilization, women converse about loving oneself ad nauseum as though for the first time. While men go to the gym and read books in their spare time, women console themselves that it is okay and normal for them to gain weight from emotional eating and for their children to surpass them in terms of reading comprehension because women are not encouraged by society to do much other than be gold digging prostitutes who are too vain and self absorbed to become proficient at anything other than what it takes to survive at a bare minimum level. Women wear clothes and exhibit mannerisms which enhance the sexual dimorphism which results in women appearing to be stunted at the developmental level of children. Only boys seem to actually become physically and mentally mature while girls seem to get dumber and weaker as a result of puberty and cultural indoctrination. If it were not for women gaining an hourglass figure (more subcutaneous fat stores in the form of bulbous tits, ass, and upper limbs) through puberty, women would physically resemble prepubescent girls. Such fat stores seem to be preserved as heritable traits because they were used as bartering chips by women to earn the protection and provision of men who could live without women (while women could not live without men because, unlike men, women were sexually selected to be physically weak as little girls). What I mean to suggest is that much of human nature is about making men the explorers, architects, warriors, doctors, and artists while making women little more than the proliferators of such.

I don’t think women have much to be proud of themselves for unless they work overtime to overcome the deficiencies which were instilled in them from sexual selection and cultural reinforcement. If women did what I suggested, there would be no gender roles and there may be no need to infantalize and cripple women just to ensure that there would be enough human capital on hand to sustain the human species for at least two more generations. I mean to suggest that women are effectively disabled unless they take testosterone in order to acquire normal muscle mass, bone density, stamina, and other physiological characteristics which are conducive to being human and not merely subhuman chattel. A biological woman with an in tact functional uterus could temporarily cease taking testosterone for approximately two years in order to conceive, incubate, and lactate biological offspring. What I am proposing is a world in which men and women are equal to each other in terms of physical strength and mental aptitude. In order for the disabling and unnecessary sexual dimorphism in humans to be eliminated short of genetic engineering, biological women should take testosterone during or shortly after puberty. I hope that the widespread and time honored tradition of fetishizing the retardation and hobbling of women loses popularity and more people become disgusted by it so that I don’t have to keep pretending that I don’t notice how lame and obnoxiously infantile women seem compared to men. I’m sick of flattering women so that they don’t hurt themselves and others. I’m sick of lying to women that I find their retardation redeemable as anything but some kind of arcane outdated fetish.

While not all female voices are abrasive to me, many are because they sound like caterwauling little kids and babies. The testosterone would definitely “fix” that and give all adults an adult-sounding voice instead of a childlike voice. Perhaps the world I am trying to promote is one where everyone is essentially a gay man. (By the way, it should be noted that sociological research has been done which suggested that relationships between two gay men are the least violent monogamous relationship configuration while relationships between two lesbian women are the most violent monogamous relationship configuration. I think that has something to do with gay men not having to “settle” for being in love with their inferior nor having to see themselves as deficient).

There. I will let the lazy brained fight over the subject matter expressed in this web page while I hopefully get to move onto brainier subject matter.

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