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Some people seem to be very opposed to me not staying indoors when I am in the backyards of my parents’ houses.

Some people seem to be very opposed to not traveling by car when I am walking instead.

Some people seem to go out their way to ridicule me and to demoralize me using their words and non verbal signals to suggest that I am too vain and too self absorbed to be a good student or a good employee/entrepreneur.

Some people seem to be implicitly and adamantly insisting that I should commit myself to a mental hospital or homeless shelter with the goal of getting assistance from the government in terms of low income housing and low wage employment if not outright commit suicide because such people are opposed to me living with my parents rent free and entirely (or even partially) financially supported by my parents because (a) my critics think I am too old to be in that kind of living situation and (b) my critics think that my social nonconformity and/or criminal history should disqualify me from enjoying that kind of living situation.

Some people seem to think that I should be closely monitored by other people at all times to ensure that my thoughts do not stray outside the bounds of what those people think is appropriate and that I should be interrupted with jarring feedback (especially auditory stimuli) which is designed to prevent me from pursuing those stray thoughts so that I have too little intellectual autonomy to escape the social matrix which seems to bully me into staying socially isolated, intellectually limited, and too miserable to do what I want to do if what I want to do is not approved of by those who monitor my thoughts and who try to control my thoughts.

I anticipate that, within the next twenty years, all adults and emancipated minors will be eligible to receive a universal basic income which is sufficient to pay for those people’s basic living expenses and, also, all health care will be free. The money to pay for everyone’s upkeep would come from taxes paid by companies which mostly if not entirely employ robots instead of humans. Most humans would spend their time pursuing creative, academic, social, spiritual, and charitable interests which may or may not reward those humans with money and other meritocratic benefits. A minority of humans will do little more than keep to themselves and subsist entirely on the government provided universal basic income.

By the way, I lied in a recent journal entry that I was running away from home to be a full time homeless person and that I was leaving my electronics behind and that I was no longer accepting money from my parents.

Finally, it should be noted that I think it is possible for people to decode what my verbal thoughts are without having to decode my brain activity directly by decoding the electrical signals which travel across some of the nerves in my throat and face in patterns which correspond with my unspoken verbal thoughts and that it is possible to induce auditory, visual, and olfactory “hallucinations” in only one human target using wireless electromagnetic signals which are targeted to specific regions of my skull (with or without some kind of brain-to-computer interface). I wrote about that (hypothetical) technological telepathy in a journal entry which I published last year.

(It should be noted that karbytes is being abused by thought police who seem very impatient, denigrating, demoralizing, and intolerant of thoughts which do not strictly conform to their anthropocentric and ethnocentric worldview. The thought police seem to complain and berate karbytes no matter what karbytes is doing (unless karbytes is sleeping or in some zombie-like state). Perhaps the thought police prefer that karbytes be bullied into a career path or lifestyle which is not compatible with karbytes’ personal value which pertain to minimizing environmental destruction and maximizing individual well-being and promoting intellectual freedom because what the thought police value much more than those things is making sure people are too preoccupied with fitting into society to have much room for autonomy, creativity, insight, and experiences which are not conducive to staying mired in social conformity and normalized physical and mental deterioration and underdevelopment. The People are too accustomed to being weak, lazy, and indifferent to science to condone traveling without a car. That is partially why karbytes has few if any friends. Without a car and willingness to drive it, karbytes is considered to be irrelevant to the vast majority of the local human population and that population heavily depends on fossil fuels for most of its functions).

This journal entry is considered by its author to be relatively “low quality”. This journal entry was written in other to help the author process its thoughts. The author of this journal entry feels disrespected and set up to be sabotaged by the thought police. The author of this journal entry is hoping to become relatively immune to such bullying and sabotage. The author of this website is attempting to create a robust and effective means to support and comfort itself via this website and by finding resources online and in relatively physical space which help the author of this website discover and interact with like-minded individuals and communities so that the author of this website does not feel too culturally isolated nor too socioeconomically unsupported to make what the author of this journal entry thinks is adequate progress towards its own goals.

While taking a shower in the downstairs bathroom of my mother’s house (which is the house I lived in from the year 1992 to 2016) and during an evening when I appeared to be the only human in that house and while it was cold, overcast, and moderately windy outside, I drew a snail on the fogged up glass shower door with my finger of a snail (perhaps as an “omen” signifying my “need” to “keep up with (pre) modern times” by continuing to drive the blue Toyota (gasoline powered) matrix which is currently parked in the driveway of that house). I also recorded an uploaded (to Instagram) a ~3 minute video of me playing a nice abalone shell Ovation acoustic guitar (which belongs to that house (and I have my own ~$100 black BCP guitar at my room in my dad’s house on the other side of Castro Valley (and my mom’s house where I played the Ovation was on the northwest side of Castro Valley near the border of San Leandro which overlooks the Bay Area while my dad’s house is located on the northeast corner on the border of Ramage wilderness))).

I heard making electronic backing up signals in the driveway and thought it was my dad’s house. I was about to go down there to politely ask my dad to not come come over for the next few hours because I am currently in the middle of a recording session for some project. (I thought that would be a great idea: having some kind of shared calendar which allows various people to “reserve” an entire house exclusively for free for a certain range of days and times. (I know what I just said might seem a bit “geeky” and “formal”, but as an Aspergian, I love it. (Rather than be that annoying to non-Aspergians, I usually default to renting a Motel room no more than once a month and/or camping relatively far away from human civilization in order to get quality solitude in which to work on projects))). The car backing up on the driveway was just an Amazon delivery van. It probably went further up the hill where two other houses are located along a rather narrow one-lane cement driveway.

Now I am typing this note on my laptop and backing up various files. I am also updating my primary website. It is approximately 7:47PM now. It is quiet and I am sitting in the upstairs hallway looking at the redwood tree branches blowing in the breeze slightly outside the window of the guest bedroom adjacent to me (and where the Wi-Fi router is located).

I just published journal entry # 380 of the year 2023 of the karbytes journal section of this website.

I also added TELEOLOGY to my primary website and discuss that addition in journal entry # 380 of the year 2023 of the karbytes journal section of this website.

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