P: “In order to get a decent standard of living (or even to get your most basic survival needs met), you have to earn your keep by making yourself useful to others. Otherwise, nobody’s gonna wanna pay ya.”

karbytes: “Are you suggesting that invalids should be left to die of neglect because they are too sickly or disabled to provide service in exchange for sufficient money to live on?”

P: “No. Exceptions are made for such people because they are deemed to be physically unable to work. Such people deserve to be given basic necessities but nothing more because such people provide practically zero benefit to society (unless those people sexually reproduced, raised adopted children, or provided socially valuable services before those people became too crippled or sickly to continue making valid contributions to society). It would be inhumane to deprive them of basic necessities. God commands us to take care of the invalids rather than to murder them, abuse them, or leave them to die of neglect. But poor people who are able bodied enough to work to earn their keep in my opinion deserve no economic assistance unless they show proof of employment (and if they are not employed they must be prevented from doing anything but seeking employment; however meager the pay and the working conditions (because such people are to be treated as wayward, slovenly, selfish burdens until they work for at least one year at one job (and only after working for at least one year should those people be allowed to attain slightly better options in terms of employment or pay))). Bottom line: I think taxation is theft (unless those tax dollars are siphoned to the military) and that invalids should only be given the bare minimum needed to survive from charitable individuals. What I think society’s priorities should be above all else is keeping the birth rate sufficiently high to build a formidable army and workforce; not to take care of the elderly, the sickly, or the wayward. Remember that God commands people to be fruitful and multiply; make lots of babies rather than a few so that there is a high enough number of healthy and employable youth to serve in the military and in the essential labor force. The deadweight burdens (the sick, the old, and the wayward) should be quarantined and exterminated to make way for fresh, malleable humans ready to take their place. After a while, a beautiful equilibrium is attained with more than 95% of the population being healthy young workers and soldiers in training or else their caregivers and service providers. The other 5% will most likely get some support from their friends, relatives, and maybe a few exceptionally charitable strangers but probably at least 1% of that 5% will die from neglect (which is natural and inevitable given human nature and divine ordinance).”

karbytes: “You basically contradicted yourself by saying invalids do not deserve to die of neglect unless they are not fortunate enough to have charitable social connections.”

P: “I didn’t contradict myself at all. I’m just pointing out basic facts of life which are so common sense even little kids have no trouble understanding what I am talking about. It’s overly educated spoiled sheltered brainwashed lib tard snobs like you who seem to be incapable of understanding such basic concepts. It’s just common knowledge that, if you wanna survive, you gotta earn yer keep. Capiche?”

karbytes: “Are you saying that I must be a slave in order to survive?”

P: “No! Sheesh! What I am saying is that you can do pretty much whatever you want because it’s a free country. (God bless America)! But if what you do is not valued by your fellow citizens, you will be deprived of what you need to do it! Get it?”

karbytes: “Yes, but I cannot help but want to fervently promote the utopian ideal of keeping birth rates low, taxes for government provided services for invalids and lazy poor people sufficiently high, most jobs being outsourced to robots while the profits made from employing those robots are taxed, and using those taxes to issue every citizen who makes below a certain threshold of income a liveable basic income so that every citizen is guaranteed an income which affords them a dignified standard of living. I trust that not every citizen will want to subsist as mere free loaders and that many (if not most) citizens will want to contribute to society in some way whether doing so rewards them with extra money or not. That’s because I believe that it is human nature to not be satisfied for very long and always feeling the need to do things which fulfill increasingly sophisticated egoist needs such as the need for like minded community, the need for a sense of accomplishment, the need to fulfill curiosities, and the need for spiritual transcendence (i.e. to attain a sense of significance and gratitude and satisfaction for existence despite threats to existence such as looming mortality, danger, and disappointment).”

P: “I don’t wanna live in a society like that. There’ll be too many free loaders who just smoke weed, eat Taco Bell, and fuck all day just to give birth to more free loaders who hog all the tax dollars, real estate, and services because no one in that DYSTOPIA has any incentive to earn their keep.”

karbytes: “Are you saying people need to be forced via threat of grave bodily harm to contribute charitably to society?”

P: “Yes. People are selfish by nature. That’s why there is a rift between humans and God. Humans fall short of the glory of God because they are selfish, slovenly pigs who only do the bare minimum to survive and be comfortable. Only some people are called to become followers of Christ. Followers of Christ still are liable to sin until they die and go to Heaven where they will live in the only real utopia ever with God. So while a human is alive and mortal, that human is prone to temptations of the flesh (though a true Christian is a lot less sin prone than non Christians are). While a human is in mortal form, it cannot ever be trusted to do anything charitable for free.”

karbytes: “So the moral of this story is that nothing valuable is attained for free?”

P: “Duh! There’s no other way it could be. Get over it!”

karbytes: “Well, what about the sunlight which rains down on Earth’s surface so abundantly that at least 50% of human civilization’s energy consumption could be paid for by passive electricity garnered from the photons which make contact with increasingly cheap and efficient photovoltaic cells? What about the plants which grow with little or no human intervention to provide humans an abundance of nutritious food and useful materials? Not everything which humanity values and could put a price tag on is the product of human labor (though I think information processing agents which are at least as intelligent as humans will be needed in order to continue refining and deriving end user value from those relatively passive income sources).”

P: “Shut up! It’s time for you to be dismissed as an invalid. Get out of my sight or I’ll call the big boys to beat you up. You gotta go somewhere else because right now it’s lunchtime and people more valued by society than you are showing up at this courtyard. Get out of the way so they can enjoy their lunch without having to be bothered by your unwelcome presence. It’s okay for them to bully you because they matter more than you. Get over it, scum!”

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