One of the most annoying voices I hear frequently sounds like an adult imitating a whiny, attention whorish, irritable, and babyish child.

What I think is going on is that many people are opposed to me having sufficient free time to be outdoors and unsupervised as often as I feel is necessary to genuinely enjoy thinking, studying, and hiking (and going on solitary “dates”) instead of feeling chronically stressed and unhappy as a result of having too little usable free time outside the oppressive confines of being supervised and forced to be extremely preoccupied with how others perceive me in order to earn any money at all (while not working in the information technology sector or being entirely subsidized by the government or by donors to have nearly 100% of my time be free time).

I am hoping that humans en masse will eventually (within the next five years) come to their senses about automation and environmental sustainability. I am hoping that people come to appreciate (or at least tolerate) the fact that I am doing my best to minimize my harmful ecological and harmful social impact by not squandering that which money cannot be a substitute for: usable free time and individualistic autonomy.

Although I have been offered a job at the local mall (background check pending), there is a chance I might turn down the job offer if I get it. I also recently declined several invitations to interview for other jobs I applied for I saw listed on Indeed dot Com thinking that I would just either settle for the mall job (which would require I either spend the night in Pleasanton or else drive from my preferred hangout location to Pleasanton due to the fact that the BART trains do not operate during some of the time frames I may be scheduled to work). Also, my hours are not limited to a particular shift (which is less ideal for me than having work confined only to one specific shift time in particular). Hence, I might just take another year off to get my primary website and related information technology skills more up to date (and in a way which is not so famished for usable free time) while living entirely off donations from family and possibly others (and I have a PayPal donation link and a Patreon page link on the home page of both of my personal websites in the hopes that people contribute money to my creative and intellectual endeavors through those payment mediums). So far zero people have contributed to me through those mediums (which makes me suspect that the government or non government hackers are intercepting my money or blocking my websites accessibility to other people in order to discourage me from earning such a passive income and from feeling acknowledged and appreciated by other people for my creative and intellectual work). My enemies (which sound like uptight, sniveling, kill-joy, misery-mongering, anti-intelectual, and anti-futurustic pigs) seem to be opposed to me receiving any donation money and from receiving any constructive and relevant feedback about my websites from website visitors in the hopes that I stay too preoccupied and anxious either desperately searching for menial jobs or else spending most of my time at menial jobs just to appease the jealousy of those “misery loves company” old-fashioned pigs who wants everyone (or at least me) to strain, struggle, and deteriorate needlessly from depressingly banal lifestyle conditions. It’s like denying my personal values and knowledge just to try to appeal to oppressive tyrants to refrain from torturing me (which they only do if I neglect my priorities and my futuristic sensibilities and, instead, let my mind and body atrophy so that I am easier to subdue, control, and exploit by those who wish to postpone advancements towards the kind of utopia I think is already feasible but not yet instantiated due to the fact that old-fashioned tyrants reign supreme because the people en masse enable such a hobbling of civilization’s modernization).

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