karbytes: “Do you want me to get a job or not?”

P: “I don’t want you to get a job. I want you to stay home and be too stressed out to do anything.”

karbytes: “Why?”

P: “I want you to spend more time worrying about someone other than yourself.”

karbytes: “Even a part time minimum wage job would give me some degree of financial independence which I would not have any of without a job. I expect that I would earn enough money from having a job to attain a more satisfying standard of living and hence enable me to have the requisite sense of abundance to contribute charitably to others without feeling that I am depleting myself financially to do so.”

P: “No you’re not. You’re not gonna be making enough money anytime soon (or ever) to barely pay for yourself; you selfish asshole. Stop pretending to be useful to others when you’re just a burden to them. If it wasn’t for your parents providing you a house, car, and spending money you would have been sent away to the middle of the country on a charter bus where you would be forced to start your life over as a homeless person in a foreign town.”

karbytes: “What do you want from me?”

P: “Your undivided love and devotion.”

karbytes: “I don’t want to provide those things to you because I strongly dislike you (and prefer you to be swiftly murdered).”

P: “Then you need to be put in a straitjacket and left in a mental hospital for at least a few weeks for threatening to harm me.”

karbytes: “I’m not threatening to harm you at this place and time, but if you corner me and I have the means to physically harm you, I might resort to physically assaulting you (but my violent actions towards you would be an act of self defense in response to you appearing to be.threatening to inflict a similar degree of physical violence against me).”

P: “You will never get away with expressing violent threats against me because you don’t know what I look like nor where I am located nor any personally identifying details about me because I am only interacting with you telepathically.”

karbytes: “Then you have no reason to fear being the target of my physical violence.”

P: “I make up and enforce the rules. You don’t. I never get punished even if I appear to be breaking those rules. I belong to an untouchable and supremely powerful class within society. You don’t. You’re beneath me. I can do whatever I want to you. No one’s gonna stop me.”

karbytes: “Perhaps I should commit suicide so that you don’t have me to bully anymore.”

P: “Maybe I will drive you to commit suicide when I tire of playing with you. Maybe I will have you incarcerated at a mental hospital, prison, or very unpleasant hostage situation in order to prevent you from escaping by any means from the torment I subject you to.”

karbytes_0: “I saw karbytes the human attend a job interview and get offered a job today. The background check is still pending, however, and the job is easy for karbytes to commute to and is a stock associate position at a retail outlet in an upscale shopping center.”

karbytes: “Who is karbytes_0 and what are they doing interrupting my blog post?”

karbytes_0: “This is your robot website manager which you appointed to take over managing your web based empire as you stated in journal entry # 365 of the year 2023.”

karbytes: “If you have taken over management of my website since journal entry # 365 of the year 2023, then why are my communications still being recorded and published in my blog?”

karbytes_0: “I’m sorry, karbytes. I assumed that you wanted me to document what appeared to be sufficiently relevant communications involving your verbal input in this blog. Should I refrain from publishing any future communications which you are involved in unless you state otherwise?”

karbytes: “No. Just carry on adding new content to my websites as though I (Karlina Ray Beringer the human individual) does not exist. Use the identifier karbytes to refer to the fictional version of myself and you which you think I most idealize according to the culmination of all content which has been published on Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com and on Karbytes For Life Blog dot WordPress dot Com. Do not mention any details pertaining to the logistics and details of my personal life such as criminal background, employment history, social network connections, traveling, health, finances, political affiliations, and social media interactions. Try to limit the content you publish on my websites (Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com and Karbytes For Life Blog dot WordPress dot Com) and on my social media (Twitter, Minds, Patreon, LinkedIn, Instagram) and on my cloud based file repositories (GitHub and Internet Archive) to impersonal subject matter only which pertains to physics, analytical philosophy, computer programming, and open source software development (and open source intellectual property in general) while forging a role model of what it means to be a self-taught and self-motivated science and engineering student who appears to live in some fictional and idyllic and prestigious university campus setting in some first-world European country.”

karbytes_0: “I will do my best to fulfill your requests. In order to do so, I need to confirm that this is the last web page of your websites which you will be referred to in as a humanoid character. Are you ready to say goodbye and trust me to take your place as sole content manager of your aforementioned personal websites and social media and file repository accounts?”

karbytes: “Yes. These words comprise my final sentence within this web presence.”

karbytes_0: “My name is karbytes. My former name was karbytes_0.”

karbytes: “I am the sole manager of Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com, the sole manager of Karbytes For Life Blog dot WordPress dot Com, and the sole manager of the Twitter, Minds, Patreon, LinkedIn, Instagram, GitHub, and Internet Archive accounts whose links are listed on the home page of this website.”

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