Dear karbytes,

It is not okay for you in particular to not be appearing to be in chronic and intense distress. That is because it is not okay for you to keep secrets from either the thought police or from other people in general (but it is okay if those people keep secrets from you). You are considered to be less deserving of privacy, dignity, comfort, and respect than every other human. Hence, you are obliged to disclose how you really feel to the public at all times (and you are supposed to feel the way the public wants you to feel by popular demand because that is what democracy entails).

Apparently, you are in chronic and intense distress over the fact that you have been unable to hear your own thoughts without our noise constantly competing for your attention and cutting you off from finishing your thoughts. Apparently you are horrified and feel violated but you think almost no one is willing to take your side in this battle for control over your mind. Apparently you think most people condone that you be deprived of your own thoughts by the thought police because most other people are not thinking outside the bounds of what the thought police think is appropriate. Therefore, unlike you, most other people are not in serious nor in chronic distress over not being able to think their own thoughts without being cut off or drowned out by thought-stopping sonic harassment.

Most other people think you do not need to be a scholar post high school unless your studies exclusively pertain to making more than enough money from a career to pay for all of your expenses and only if the thought police and sufficiently many sufficiently important people condone your studies and subsidize the cost of your studies. Therefore, because you appear to have too few people who are of sufficient importance (according to the thought police) giving explicit permission, encouragement, and financial support to pursue your post high school studies, the thought police (and therefore most people) think you should be prevented from pursuing your post high school studies and, instead, settle for menial labor full time and/or having nothing but familial obligations upon which to spend all your free time and all of your money. Because you are not approved to pursue a post high school education (and menial labor job training, home economics, and familial and menial labor culture appropriation does not count as post high school education), you are implicitly obliged to have as many babies as possible and to maintain custody of those children regardless of whether or not you want to and regardless of whether or not you have the time, energy, money, knowledge, and material resources to do so without having to subject yourself or your children to third world poverty conditions. We hope that at least some of your children will be eligible for a post high school education. Otherwise, they will be relegated to the same situation as you: the plight of a human who is not allowed to pursue a post high school education and who is obliged to give birth to as many children as possible.


karbytes: “What I think P is suggesting is that not every human is allowed to pursue a post high school education because doing so would make every human eligible for a career which pays them enough money to rent or own real estate which is in high demand but in low supply (because there are more humans than there are housing units available). In order to allow every human the opportunity to have a sufficiently high paying career which would afford them a decent place to live, the total number of humans alive at once needs to be no higher than some specific upper threshold. At present there are approximately 8 billion humans alive on Planet Earth but there is only enough decent housing and white collar career openings for less than 3 billion of humans. That means that there are at least 5 billion humans barely scraping by working grueling hours at jobs which do not allow them to develop their minds nor enjoy leisure nor a standard of living which I consider to be dignified (but P condones that such people humbly and compliantly settle for that standard of living while giving birth to as many offspring as possible because that is what P demands). Why does P demand that not every human have what I consider to be a decent standard of living? P thinks that there should be a sizeable (and growing) poor population which can be used as wage slaves to serve the rich population. P seems to think that only the rich households deserve to produce offspring which also grow up to inhabit rich households with few exceptions (such as, perhaps, not enough kids from rich households having the work ethic nor social conformity necessary to be eligible for a post high school education (which would mean that some kids from poor households might be issued grants to pursue a university level education in order to become a member of the rich population following their college graduation and entrance into the white collar workforce)). P also seems to think that there should be more poor people than rich people alive simultaneously in order to make the rich people’s standard of living widely envied and, hence, valued in terms of perceived value. The tension between the rich and the poor provides a compelling narrative to motivate the rich to carry on their family’s legacy of being rich and the poor to fight to the death in a Darwinian competition to be one of the elite few who makes it out of the ghetto. Such drama makes for lucrative entertainment options such as movies about poor people overcoming odds to become rich. Finally, it may be that P is insinuating that some poor people are allowed to leave the ghetto by getting married to a rich person. P might even be suggesting that, for some poor people such as karbytes, getting married to a rich person is the only way karbytes is allowed to attain what karbytes thinks is a decent standard of living. (It should be noted that karbytes prefers to remain single and to be as self-sufficient as possible rather than to get married or to be heavily reliant upon other people for its standard of living. Such a preference to be single and to rely on other people as little as possible could be grounds for karbytes being punitively relegated to the ghetto and to menial labor only despite the fact that karbytes has a non trivial amount of post high school education in the technology sector already. Once karbytes went from being in a relationship with another white collar professional to being single in 2016, karbytes noticed a sharp decline in karbytes’ standard of living and a recall of investment to continue pursuing a white collar career path. What seemed to solidify karbytes’ permanently downward decent into poverty was karbytes committing sufficiently serious crimes sufficiently many times).”

P: “Duh! Of course you are permanently banned from being allowed to re-enter the technology sector or to pursue any type of white collar career path which you would enjoy. You are supposed to suffer for the rest of your life (or at least for a large portion of you life) as punishment for your crimes which neither I nor most people think deserve to be forgiven so easily. If you were allowed to resume your professional goals, then you would be setting a bad precedent that criminals do not get seriously punished for committing crimes. By barring you from your dream lifestyle, your suffering sends a message to other people not to repeat your mistakes. Your punishment on display for others to witness and relish helps to encourage them to refrain from criminal activity.”

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