I noticed that, as soon as I take my attention off thinking about the other people in my midst such as by reading what I think is an interesting news article, those people start making loud vocalizations (which sound like the shrill caterwauling of women or children). I think that such people are exemplifying what I think is most “wrong with” America: the narcissism of its citizens which manifests as their need to be the center of attention at all times and for all discourse to be dumbed down and sexed up for their unsophisticated palettes.

Those people probably have nice big houses to reside inside of where they do not expect to be intruded upon by outsiders nor subject to violence. Those people seem to have a problem with me quietly minding my own business in public to the extent that they hang out where I go and try to make me feel intruded upon and bullied. No wonder why there are so many school shooting incidents in this country. There are lots of little cunts like those rich kids who mercilessly pick on people like me until those people retaliate in dramatic ways.

So much of my life is spent having to get up and move within two hours of setting up camp because of other people having a problem with me having a life which does not revolve around making people like them the center of attention. I have mostly given up on trying to negotiate for better treatment from such people because I think such people are deliberately trying to make me feel ganged up on and silenced. Though I have had images of violent ways to retaliate towards them flash through my mind, I strongly prefer to spare myself the inconvenience of reacting in a hostile or belligerent manner to those cunts who seem to enjoy tormenting me and wielding their socioeconomic privilege as a weapon. I expect that those people will always get treated as more deserving of kindness, accolades, riches, and enjoyment than what I will ever get because more economic and cognitive resources are channeled towards them than are channeled towards people like me. I noticed that if I do not get up and stay in my spot, they travel over to my spot because they want to witness a reaction from me.

No one seems to have a problem with those people’s behavior except for me. That is because I seem to be the only person being bullied by such people. Someone just honked their car at me in response to what I wrote. They seem to want me to go into hiding and stay in some kind of closet for the rest of my life. If I seem reluctant to socialize or to say nice things about people, it is because I think too many people like what I am describing in this journal entry comprise the population (and I think most people would condone their behavior).

Perhaps what those people fear about me simply doing my own thing in public is that I do not seem to need someone else telling me what to do nor giving me praise like those people seem to need in droves. In other words, my self sufficiency and genuine self esteem bothers them because they really do not believe that humans should feel good about themselves nor do anything without permission from some comparatively rich and politically powerful other.

I noticed that such people tend to lack creativity and, instead, act and speak in very conformist ways. I also noticed that such people seem to react quite dramatically to things I do not think are best met with such a hyped up reaction. It’s like such people are dying for amusement and are deprived of it. It’s like such people do not know how to shut the fuck up and read a book. It’s like they would rather perpetuate wars than become a successful student. Sex, violence, and tepid rated-G entertainment are all that are on the menu.

I doubt that such people will grow up to become people I will find likeable. Instead, I think that humanity’s quality will continue to degrade (on average) as time progresses because most of the people “in power” today seem to only care about making themselves comfortable at all costs (which means that the future generations are not being left a habitable planet while their predecessors use it up and leave it a toxic wasteland).

If I am not dedicating my websites to future human generations, then my websites apparently are not in service to humanity. It could be that I am making these websites for “inter dimensional” beings who are not necessarily humans such as “machine elves” and aliens and perhaps some humans who have found a way to hack the matrix which is apparent physical reality. If I happen to be the only person who reads this website, I think these websites still are worth my while to create and to maintain because they provide to me a sense of companionship and safekeeping for at least some of my knowledge.

Cherry pick my website as you will to find the bits which serve your agenda if you want to. I am making this website for myself more than I am for anyone else. That means I am the target audience of this website and that you are not the target audience of this website (unless you are me). So if you are some kind of “inter-dimensional” being reading this, I am glad you found my website and I hope you find value in looking at it, but I expect you have other important things to do besides merely study the digital artifacts which I (karbytes) has created.

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