I want to provoke you until you react in a self destructive way because that is my aim. No one can stop me. The law always works in my favor.

I will not stop harassing you even if you do get visibly upset and react by destroying property or physically harming yourself or others. My goal is to land you in jail, to put you in harm’s way (especially by making other people beat you up), and to deprive you of employment, friends, and anything you think is fun or worthwhile. I love the idea of you rotting in jail while I continue to torment you behind bars.

Get over yourself. Stop looking so self important in the face. Shut up. Stop acting you deserve a second chance at life or something. Not everyone wants to see you have a good life. You need to stop being so angry and start pitching in at home more. You’re not ready for me to treat you better. You need to stop being such a bleeding heart liberal. Stop trying to look like such a man. Grow up. You need someone other than yourself to worry about. You’re so self absorbed. Grow up. Stop complaining or I’ll give you hell. No one wants to listen to you. The world doesn’t revolve around you. You’re just a little kid in the eyes of the law. You’re too insecure to get a job. You’re so spoiled. You’re in therapy because you don’t know how to talk about anything but yourself. Get the fuck over yourself. You’re such a self absorbed bitch. You’re not ready to be taken off the loud speaker. You’re not ready to leave the mental hospital. Ha ha ha. Get the fuck over yourself. Ooo ooo. What’s the matter? You lose! You’re too stressed out to be taken seriously. Welcome back. Finished? Excuse ho! Shut the fuck up. At least I’m not that insecure of a stuck up baby. Bingo! At least I’m not that much of a toddler. The best years of your life are over. Nam. You’re only allowed to cry like a little kid. Abuse ho!

On and on pig_gorl goes with her barrage of antagonistic sound effects. The content she spews and the personality she exudes varies slightly but is always characteristically high pitched, shrill, sarcastic, incessant, caustic, ad hominem, conflict mongering, and angry.

She often whispers, masticates, breathes in a shallow and noisy manner, makes soft cooing sounds which sound like taunting (usually two syllables with the first syllable being higher pitched and shorter in duration than the second syllable), and makes soft whimpering sounds which also sound like taunting in the form of sarcastic fake crying. (She also sometimes giggles briefly while humming and moans smugly with her lips closed. The most frequent sound effect she makes is the vowel “oooo” (which rhymes with “blue”)). Time, energy, and money go into keeping pig_gorl instated because someone thinks pig_gorl provides a valuable service. It may be that the purpose of pig_gorl is to drive people like me to suicide or prison as a sort of covert ethnic cleansing so that society is only populated with the kinds of people which are congruent with pig_gorl’s qualities: kid centric, upbeat, humorous, not too self righteous, humble, fun, flirty, tastefully feminine (i.e. a heterosexual red blooded American male in the body of a bodacious woman), and light hearted (i.e. not at all pensive, brooding, or introspective). She sounds like she would be the perfect wife to someone like AJP. She’s “spicy” (i.e. has a feisty temperament which many men find sexy and endearing), is curvy (but not fat), and seems to enjoy being a wife, mom, and extroverted local community member who can help take much of the burden off AJP (who is more of an introverted and cerebral type as he is of course an Engineer). pig_gorl certainly will not compete with AJP in his domain the way I apparently did. It is important that the wife not have the same career nor skills as the husband so as to not make the husband feel emasculated. A happy husband is the foundation of a happy home and healthy kids who can be formidable opponents to those who oppose the American way.

All you think about is yourself!

You’re right, pig_gorl. I only think about myself and no one else because the deer I saw running across the street, noticing the dead possum I found on the roadside which had been hit by a car, thinking about the ecosystem, the search for extraterrestrial life, the probing into quantum mechanics, and music appreciation do not count as anything more than self absorption (according to pig_gorl who is always right 100% of the time because the law says so). Don’t offer pig_gorl advice or constructive feedback (and don’t expect her to ever ask for it). What pig_gorl seems to want (with me anyway) is to have a designated emotional punching bag and someone to have verbal abuse sparring matches with (which I think is a tragic waste of resources but which seems to be what many of pig_gorl’s fans think is the spice of life). Some people really do seem to live solely to fight. Perhaps engaging in physical violence and psychological abuse lights up their souls and imbues their otherwise bland, dull, and boring lives with vigor, a sense of urgency, a sense of emergency, something to act all self righteous about, something to be a hero about, something to make movies about to sell to the masses, and, most of all, something to do other than cultivate one’s intellect such that one can appreciate the subtle things which pig_gorl seems to want to ban from the human experience (or at least from my human experience).

I could find the “silver lining” in any situation because I am creative enough to do so. I could say that pig_gorl gave me a “safe” opponent to practice handling instead of a flesh-and-blood person who I could actually physically manipulate. pig_gorl’s location and identifying traits are always unknown to me. Hence, the beloved little poster child of the patriarchy is safe from my violent hands. She’s presiding over Heaven at the right hand of the Father; giving him a lap dance and a blow job with her baby whore mouth. Amen.

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