There’s a bunch of loud, gun obsessed, gasoline guzzling pigs in this town. I got tired of being around slovenly bums in the other town.

I am strongly tempted to not go to any of the job interviews I have scheduled and to give up on any onboarding processes which may have been initiated because I feel that my time is being wasted and my quality of life is severely diminished because I think I should be spending a lot more time a lot more often actually coding. I am afraid that if I try to do what I just said, other people will try to shut it down.

What I could do is try to save as much money as possible (which I get for “free” from my mom fairly regularly (but she threatens to cut me off financually at times and may actually do it if she thinks I am getting too good of a deal on her dime instead of having to forsake most of my free time like most people seem to in order to pay for their upkeep)) so that I can replace gear. I could also try looking for work which is more part-time instead of full time but such jobs seem to be limited to customer service and other highly social jobs (and I am not a people person and I am a nerd who feels horrifically and cruelly deprived of personal space because of other people’s intrusiveness and antagonism).

Finally, I uploaded a short video of me imitating pig_gorl making especially obnoxious vocalizations today such as an impatient and quick “It’s okay” to cut me off of whatever my train of thought is.

* * *

Honestly, I think I ought to just go ahead and go to the interviews I have scheduled and/or finish the onboarding process of whatever job with an actual start date I am offered first so that I can avoid the fiasco that would likely result from trying to be a full time student when almost zero humans seem to approve of my being a full time student (or even studying at all). I seem to be surrounded by militant underachievers and anti intellectuals and anti solitude proponents. By default the ladies are worn out, mentally suffocated, possessively fought over, brainwashed into submission to the patriarchy, and bullied into giving birth to heirs of the patriarchy.

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