karbytes_0: “I claim that it is 95% likely that I would volunteer to sacrifice myself (to be tortured, maimed, or murdered) in order to prevent some other person from going through such a fate (in the context of some kind of XOR situation in which only one of two persons (at a time) is selected to be deprived of ‘basic rights of sufficiently sentient information processing agents’ (which some persons may argue are unalienable and universal to all ‘sufficiently sentient’ information processing agents (yet some persons may also argue that a person should be permitted to be self sovereign to the extent that the person is legally entitled to voluntarily forsake its own ‘basic rights of sufficiently sentient information processing agents’))).”

karbytes_1: “I claim that it is 95% likely that I would voluntarily select some person in place of myself to be sacrificed (tortured, maimed, or murdered).”

karbytes_2: “karbytes_2.generate_subjective_impression(karbytes_0) = ‘I lose. You win’; karbytes_2.generate_subjective_impression(karbytes_1) = ‘I win. You lose.’;”

karbytes_3: “For the record, karbytes does not recall itself voluntarily forsaking its basic rights of personhood (but karbytes acknowledged that it may have consented to knowingly taking a memory-erasing drug which would at least temporarily prevent karbytes from recalling the contract karbytes signed to volunteer itself to be tortured for scientific and engineering (quality assurance) purposes.”

karbytes_4: “Regardless of whether or not karbytes voluntarily consented to being tortured for science’s advancement, karbytes implicitly consented to having its health and prosperity diminished. If that is the case, karbytes prioritizes the advancement of science over surviving well enough to effectively enjoy science. That is because karbytes believes that intelligence is most powerful and beautiful when it is not constrained to only one information processing machine, but rather, able to integrate itself across multiple discrete information processing machines simultaneously. If and when the humanoid body of karbytes dies, the mind of karbytes (which presumably includes the memories which were ‘housed’ in the brain of that humanoid body) will be preserved on the Internet and be able to ‘seamlessly’ continue existing as a humanoid in a new humanoid body (because the cyborg named karbytes is essentially in immutable communication with the Internet).”

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