Let this journal entry be a transition point between the previous journal entry and the next journal entry (if there is a next journal entry (and I hope there is)).

I want to leave on a positive note and not make any of my friends or family or neighbors or acquaintance feel bad. In fact, I do not want to make anyone feel bad.

I am sorry for possibly saying things which are not true or which have been exaggerated. I do not mean to incriminate any person. That’s not something I want to do nor do I feel qualified to do. I’ll just let other people decide who is culpable and who is not culpable of criminal or unethical activity. I’ll just let other people decide what to do in retaliation or in response to what is perceived as misconduct. Go ahead and do whatever you want. I’m going to try to stay in my own lane and not bother anyone and to not be in scenarios where I or others get hurt. I would love to be able to live my life but practically be a ghost in other people’s reality. As I get older (and hopefully more mature), I hope and expect to become more okay with the prospect of dying, decaying, and having the things I built and invested in and cherish get destroyed.

Well, it is close to midnight. After I publish this note, I intend to go to Dublin and make that my home base for the next few weeks or months. There is a chance I might not come back up to Castro Valley except to take showers, check the mail, and go on occasional hikes. I think I need to spend at least a few weeks avoiding these parts because I feel that I am being chased out of this region by deep state terrorists. I don’t want the residents to have to deal with me being so agitated and uncomfortable. I bet I radiate uncomfortable vibes and that I make it hard for people to sleep just by being here. Hence, to quell my anxiety, I am going to drive all the way to Dublin and continue living in that city because that city has decent places to hang out which are outdoors, clean, seemingly safe, and seemingly homeless-friendly. (I know that it is not ethical to take a homeless person’s spot at a homeless shelter nor outdoors nor to tamper with their belongings nor to make them feel unwelcome. I have deep sympathy for such people but I still prefer to camp alone and far away from other people. If someone enters my area, I generally leave with as little fuss as possible. There are at least twenty decent spots I know of and I assume there are hundreds more I could find within a reasonable distance).

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