Perhaps pig_gorl is a simulation of Black and/or Brown women who work full time at multiple (relatively low-skilled) jobs yet still hardly make ends meet financially (while complaining bitterly and angrily about it but not while seeking to understand nor to cure what they lament about as a problem (whose fault is White men)). What pig_gorl wants is someone to take out her anger on (which is what she prefers over taking remedial action about her personal situation). Defendants of pig_gorl chastise me for making pig_gorl (or whichever class of human she represents) look bad (and I retort with: “I don’t make X look bad. X makes X look bad.”). I do not take responsibility for any person’s conduct other than my own (though perhaps I should change that because claiming to be personally and solely responsible for everything that occurs in my universe (which includes pig_gorl and her ilk) is logically consistent with my personal religion: assuming and imagining that all of reality takes place inside of exactly one ubiquitous mind (which may possibly render multimedia frames of reference which presumably each traverse their own uniquely corresponding space-time trajectories).

I was reminded by pig_gorl that pig_gorl is only allowed by the patriarchy to get physical exercise via having sex with a militant dictator of a man. She says that female bodied humans should be monitored closely to ensure that they are not being “over fed” so that they remain too malnourished to compete with the men who hog all the food and other resources which they can claim by virtue of having superior brute strength and larger body size (on average) than female bodied humans. Such people say that I am “cheating” by getting “free” (MediCal covered) testosterone injections to masculinize my physiology (because doing so suits my preferences). I seem to get more value out of my food with the testosterone than without it because my bones more easily retain calcium and because my muscles are stronger and larger than they would be if I put in the same amount of physical exercise (strength training) and ate the same amount of food without the testosterone.

(Of course it could easily be argued that I am more expensive on the testosterone (which is roughly equivalent to a cisgendered male my age) than I am not on the testosterone. That is because having larger muscles and a heavier denser body means that I require more calories to sustain my baseline metabolism).

Today while driving to the lower level Safeway in Castro Valley, I saw some “provocative” stickers on a pole. One of them said: “Transwomen are men.” I suppose that the statement, “Transmen are women,” is not quite as true because the testosterone gives man his characteristic advantages which afforded him more self defense power, mobility, and quality of life than what his unenhanced sisters could afford. Estrogen provides few benefits for a male bodied human other than superficial appearance alteration to look more like a cisgendered woman. The only real benefit I see to being a cisgendered woman (besides not apparently needing as much resources invested in her because of her inefficient metabolism and lack of lean body mass (and neuron density in the prefrontal cortex) which makes her a sweet and easy lapdog to keep around) is being able to sexually reproduce (like many other animal species on Planet Earth do with significantly less fanfare).

I prefer the masculine pronouns (i.e. he/him/his) when interfacing with humans “face to face” (which is always overseen by militant patriarchy enforcers), but online (especially within the contexts of my personal websites and social media) I prefer the singular genderless pronouns (i.e. it/its).

(I think that some people intentionally “misgender” me by calling me female pronouns and my birth name in order to discourage my transman identity and to keep me from being able to just relax. It’s not that hard to simply call me by more respectful labels, but I do not complain if people call me names other than what I prefer to be called. Mere word play is a distraction from more important matters).

Unfortunately, pig_gorl and those who she represents seem to be intellectually, emotionally, and physically stunted more than any other class of humans. Such people are apparently too underdeveloped in the brain to do much other than be extremely and stubbornly reactionary and conflict mongering (yet such beings are “supposed to” be treated like infallible angels and royalty who I am forever in debt to). What those people seem to demand I do is renounce whatever personal goals and futuristic ideals I have in order to make those Queens (and, more importantly, their Kings) the center of attention at all times. I know it is like being in a smelly, chaotic, and violent preschool full of childish and slovenly adults who are loud and banal.

If you were able to read this entire page without seriously thinking that I deserve to be the target of physical violence as a response to what I wrote, you are probably not a member of pig_gorl’s lowly class. I hope you are better than that. If it were up to me, members of pig_gorl’s class would be physically prevented from sexually reproducing and from adopting kids or pets. I do not want those parasites spreading their misery to other beings (especially ones that can easily be overpowered by a mere Queen). The Queen has to have subordinates to feel superior to in order to make up for how little she matters as anything but a King’s piece of property.

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