Christians have “buyer’s remorse” because what they implicitly said when they accepted Jesus Christ as their savior and scapegoat who paid for their sins is that they approve of Jesus (in humanoid form) being brutally tortured and left to slowly die while nailed to a cross in order to enforce the deal; a divine transaction allegedly approved of by Jesus and God himself. Now that those “believers” have been revoked of their gift of salvation (i.e. special divine favoritism), they are angry and demand that Jesus (or someone) be nailed to a cross and left to die in order to make sure that those sins are paid according to the ritualistic torture methods and epistemological assumptions inscribed in the Christian Bible.

(As I write this, I hear people trying to interrupt me. Someone stole my headphones. I consider the people to be militantly opposed to free thought. The civilians seem like militaristic robots to me who patrol the sidewalks and make jolting disapproving vocalizations whenever my heart races about anything nerdy and exciting to me).

* * *

The biggest source of my misery is overpopulation (and I think overpopulation is caused by women being too brainwashed to know what to do other than procreate to earn their keep in society rather than to be ostracized and tortured). I think that the people around me are opposed to me (or anyone) having sufficient time alone to have well-developed interests other than socializing and having little more than “surface level” topics to discuss (or even to think about).

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