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E: “Cisgendered women are apparently in danger of going extinct as a result of AI generated pornography which is precisely tailored to an individual customer’s preferences becoming cheaper and more widely accessible than ever before in addition to legalized and professionally certified sex workers and people looking for casual ‘no strings attached’ sexual encounters advertising their services and requests for specific services online.”

F: “Why do you think cisgendered women are going extinct?”

E: “Other options besides having to impregnate, financially support, and appear to be monogamous with exactly one woman are becoming available to the masses. Such options seem to benefit the chooser more than the traditional default role play mode. Hence, the modern options are likely to be in higher demand is than the old breeder route. I think a lot of women are desperately thrusting their pussies in men’s faces only to be ignored because such pussy is no longer in high demand.”

F: “Cisgendered women don’t need a man to financially support them nor be in a committed relationship with them to have babies (and hence be treated as a precious baby by society). For instance, a cisgendered women can order a self-insemination kit filled with live sperm from an eligible donor, get pregnant as a result of inserting the syringe in their vaginas during their ovulation phase of their menstrual cycles, give birth to a baby whose genome is 50% their own DNA, and, if sufficiently poor, subsist entirely on free government support money and low-income housing which are reserved exclusively for the Women, Infants, and Children (and I mean biological mothers of minor prepubescent children and not any other configuration of household). Hence, cisgendered women will never go extinct as long as tax dollars keep getting spent to support sufficiently poor single mothers such that those mothers can afford their household’s basic living expenses (while the children are too young to be emancipated minors).”

karbytes: “I don’t mean to intrude upon your conversation, but I would like to interject with what I think are relevant thoughts: I personally would rather promote extending the lifespans of and promoting the well-being of individual human beings who already exist (especially ones which are legally adults) than promote the enterprise of humans sexually reproducing (and I especially do not condone forcing relatively old humans to die in order to make room for new humans to take their place). As a corollary to what I just said, I would rather the human species go extinct as a result of the death rate being higher than the birth rate for a sufficiently long period of time than force any human being to give birth against its will.

E: “Then you do not care about the survival of the human species enough. You are a sociopath who deserves to be evicted, deprived of food, spat on, stolen from, raped, beaten up, and fucked up beyond definition.”

karbytes: “I am quite the villain. I fear for my own safety because I think people like you insinuate that they seriously want to fuck me up, but I do my best to act unfazed so as to not spend what remains of my lifespan cowering in fear and in mere survival mode. Finally, my ‘arrogance’ is supported by the fact that I think that I have powerful ‘allies’ who could fuck up my enemies (or myself) at least at badly as my enemies fuck me up. Come to think of it…there is nothing to be afraid of. I am merely speaking my mind in a country which supposedly values freedom of speech.”

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