Some of karbytes’ journal entries are not what karbytes considers to be sufficiently relevant in terms of subject matter and style for karbytes to want to share on its social media pages. Some of karbytes’ journal entries, hence, exist merely to help karbytes organize its thoughts and to merely add more pieces to the puzzle which karbytes is putting together whose end result is an approximation of and preservation of karbytes’ mind in fossilized digital form. What karbytes hopes to emphasize with this journal entry web page is the fact that karbytes has adapted to (and is probably genetically predisposed to) thriving in a vaccuum of social support (while also mentioning that karbytes has had over half a decade of experience being involved in sexually and romantically intimate relationships because karbytes thinks that karbytes looks and behaves like a single, asexual, high-functioning autistic, and genderless young adult with no experience being involved in sexually and romantically intimate relationships).

I would like to promote myself as being the sole ambassador of a personal brand (aside from at least a few investors and fans) which emphasizes my being a happy introvert who lives to pursue its hobbies pertaining to philosophy, physics, computer science, and digital media. The persona I am “trying” to relatively effortlessly exude is that of a young nerdy male who lives to pursue its special interests and who has no intimate relationships with other people.

I would like to inform the general public now that, in the past, I was involved in sexually and romantically intimate relationships with people I felt very sentimentally attached to and people I assumed I would be sharing a household with for the majority of my adult life (or for at least three consecutive decades of my adult life). I have been relatively socially isolated since I started Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com in April 2020 while working at various jobs between longer bouts of unemployment. At this point in my life (at the ripe old age of 33.4 years) I am quite comfortably settled into what I think is a stable and authentic sense of self.

Last night and/or this morning I had a dream in which I was sleeping in my sleeping bag in someone else’s large house during some kind of multi-day party involving what seemed like at least 100 people. There was a part of the house which had a large tree inside of it and a staircase built into it where package handlers wearing chartreuse safety vests were moving boxes up and down the staircase and stacking them in preparation for the delivery trucks to pick up those packages. I heard them talking like how I have heard warehouse employees talk: lots of profanities and gossip (and the workers I was eavesdropping on in my dream were young adult females). I was wandering around that house looking for a place to sit and I found a room which had a deep but relatively small in diameter natural-looking pool of very clear water which I wanted to swim in. I think there were scuba divers exploring the deep underwater parts of the house. Anyway, I somehow ended up laying down in my sleeping bag against the wall of a large hallway and the best part of my dream was AJP finding me there and, without saying a word, laying down next to me and putting his arms around me in an embrace. Then, about five minutes later, AJP said he had to go into a martial arts fighting arena and we were dressed in martial arts attire on a large deck and I saw AJP walk away and disappear into a mosh pit while I got into a fighting stance and started punching and kicking the air to be part of the scene.

What I crave far more than sexual activities with other people is cuddling (though I am fairly casual and easygoing when it comes to sex). I have a copper intrauterine device installed since September 2015 and have been taking testosterone shots every two weeks since November 2022 (and both of those things effectively prevent me from getting pregnant and, as a result of the testosterone injections, I stopped menstruating in December 2022). I do generally only have sex with people I already know because I think such people are less likely than others to transmit diseases such as AIDS. In general, interpersonal relationships outside of work, school, and communal residence seems a bit time-consuming and fussy. Finally, and most importantly, I tend to spend all my free time alone rather than socializing “in person” with other humans because my personal brand is about promoting autonomy, individuality, minimalism, egoism, and ongoing refinement of skills and knowledge. In order to be as successful as I want to be in such domains and to avoid what I think is procrastination-mongering and intelligence-blunting cultural assimilation, I prefer to spend most of my free time alone and to limit my friendships with other people to being relatively impersonal, professional, and logistical while treating everyone I meet as roughly equal in terms of their importance to me (and while being quite okay with any one of them disappearing from my life).

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