I noticed some imperfections in the most recent drawing I made of a cube comprised of 8 equally-sized smaller cubes: the outline’s attempt to depict depth failed to depict accurate mini cube size as precisely as I imagine an artificially intelligent information processing agent would depict if given the same prompt I gave myself to draw that image: draw a cube which is comprised of 8 smaller cubes from an angle which is looking down at the cubes from an angle which is closest to one of the upper corners of the large cube and fill 3 of the cubes with solid translucent color such that none of the colors overlap as a result of the camera angle depicted and make the other five cubes transparent against a white background.

* * *

P: “Why would you not employ an AI to generate the image you wanted instead of draw it yourself (only to create an imperfect result)?”

karbytes: “I wanted to do it myself. I enjoy both the experience and the end product of making a drawing and then digitizing it.”

* * *

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image_link: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2023_PART_27/main/twitter_karbytes_03_may_2023_part_2.jpg

Within the past 24 hours karbytes shared a link to this journal entry web page on its Twitter, Minds, Patreon, and LinkedIn pages. (karbytes wanted to share this journal entry web page because of the part which talks about artificial intelligence and the intrinsic value which is seemingly only experienced first-hand as the doer of some activity. karbytes also wants to emphasize the part which emphasizes the Ship of Theseus thought experiment and the possibility of extending a human individual brain’s lifespan indefinitely such that the knowledge which that brain has encoded stays relatively in tact or, if it changes, it changes incrementally rather than so abruptly that an irreversible loss of consciousness or personhood occurs).

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