H: “Perhaps the most valued asset of all is time to think. Without sufficient time to think, an information processing agent would lack agency.”

J: “Time to think would have to be bought and sold on a metered and highly regulated basis such that standardized thinking, intelligence growth (and decline) rates, and scope of learnable subjects are sanctioned by a centralized and technocratic government.”

I: “Although I agree with H’s epistemological statements, I do not think that a beneficial outcome would result from prescribing that a dysfunctional information agent spend more time in punitive, dangerous, or unproductive situations than necessary (especially as a means to curb innovation or welfare).”

J: “I believe that what is lacking most in civilian lives is something more fundamental and profound than mere time in which to think. I believe that what renders time meaningless is an overcrowding of thought space due to overpopulation (i.e. too many humans living inside of too little space with too few resources to distribute amongst themselves (locally and remote within some planet-sized biome) such that every human could afford a decent standard of living).”

karbytes: “The statements made by H seem like a good tweet (but not a tweet I would twat at this time).”

J: “‘Free loader,” exclaim the envious disparagingly. Such people are so opposed to any commodity being free that such people impose suffering and limit subjective quality of life to abysmal miserly standards. Such people tragically lack the imagination necessary to allow for natural abundance of valued resources amongst the entire human population because their cognitive resources are allocated to self preservation (and preservation of comfortable homeostasis) exclusively.”

I: “Do not try to reason with misers (of money or of thought).”

karbytes: “If it is any consolation, I believe that each information processing agent’s frame of reference is a unique instance throughout the entire multiverse (and I define the multiverse to be the set of all phenomena which ever exist). I believe that each information processing agent’s frame of reference is a unique instance throughout the entire multiverse even if there exist multiple identical sequences of subjective experience as rendered by a particular frame of reference in exactly one chronological order. In other words, even if I have identical twin versions of myself in identical twin universes, each copy has its own uniquely corresponding discrete allocation of nature which cannot be substituted by some other discrete allocation of nature.”

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