quote_0: “If a relatively ubiquitous network of levitating nanobot routers and sensors is capable of overriding human volition, then will human intended physical assault stop?”

quote_1: “I think it is possible (and favorable to assume (due to the possibility that the amount of cognitive resources which are allocated to goal-oriented tasks tends to make the fulfillment of such goals most likely to occur if a certain threshold of cognitive resources are allocated which flip a binary switch in metaphysical space from off to on)) that a person wills itself into existence (and whatever space-time continuum and whatever avatar into existence as a consequence of desire).”

quote_2: “Not all desires are obvious to their beholder (but all desire is palpable to their beholder; however subtly).”

quote_3: “Desire is an emergent property which is a function of space, time, matter, and energy arranged in a particular matter such that a barrier between finite physical phenomena and noumena is generated and, if resource investment (i.e. function input) continues at a sufficiently high rate, that function output pattern is likely to continue manifesting.”

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