Pain is an effective means to induce behavior modification (especially in cases in which exclusively positive reinforcement seems ineffective).

Empathy is diminished and could invite animosity if it is too prominently displayed as a means of self promotion.

The more closely my behavior aligns with my values, the less I seem to suffer.

* * *

If I became seriously ill or injured or severely crippled or severely brain damaged or contracted some painful terminal condition like late stage cancer, I would hope to be in the care of human beings who are certified medical professionals and personally motivated to provide compassionate care to their patients. Preemptively in case I become unable to communicate these thoughts in the future I am grateful such people exist and hope that they will continue to exist and to collaborate with artificial intelligence (and not merely be replaced by artificial intelligence) to do their timelessly relevant jobs (though, if one happened to be more effective than the other at treating me the way I want to be treated in addition to keeping me alive alive while mitigating my suffering as much as possible, I would be okay with that one taking over the entire medical and care-giving industries while allowing the other to retire into relative obsolescence).

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