This morning I was reading a Quora thread about a household taking in homeless people and giving them shelter and support to become self-sufficient. What interested me in particular is the story about the teenager girl who was evicted by her father and also un-enrolled in classes by her father and how that father got angry at the family who took that girl in and helped her continue going to school. The father threatened to call the police seemingly because he felt that his daughter was his property and that he could control her life trajectory even after evicting her from his house. I think he wanted her to be deprived of the means to attain a comfortable and dignified standard of living and, instead, settle for having to sell her body as a prostitute in order to get her basic survival needs met.

I do not mean to imply that anyone I currently know wants to deprive me of the means to attain a comfortable and dignified standard of living, but I strongly suspect there are people who seriously want to deprive me of the means to attain a comfortable and dignified standard of living. Such people might want to inflict punishment on me for what they perceive to be crimes which I have committed and have not been punished for to those people’s liking. Such people might want to prevent me from being able to excel as a writer and to become famous through my writing. Such people might be opposed to my values, beliefs, and goals and therefore want to deprive me of what I consider to be my unalienable First Amendment rights.

I do not think it is ethical to deprive any person of the right to practice its own religion provided that its religious practices do not impede other people from practicing their own personal religions. In other words, the only kind of religion which I think should be regarded as unconstitutional (and unethical) is religions which make a practice out of depriving other people of their basic unalienable human rights. (I would go on to extend unalienable human rights to pertain to other sufficiently sentient information processing agents in addition to humans (and I think that there are precise and objective ways to assess the degree of sentience which an information processing agent has such as number of neurons and pain receptors in its nervous system, presence of cognitive and not merely reflexive neurological activity, and other measurable factors)).

Anyway, I was hoping to get back to attempting to draw that cube comprised of eight smaller equally-sized cubes today or some time this week. I am afraid to disclose my location because I think that I have enemies who want to obliterate each one of my hiding spots because they are afraid that, if I get “too much” time to relax in a relatively hidden place, I might get to move on with my intellectual and creative hobbies instead of remain an intellectually stunted and spiritually destitute target of their animosity and scapegoat upon which others can take out their aggression and hatred.

I decided to go against what I said in the previous paragraph and disclose the fact that I am currently sitting in my backyard in the shade of the lemon tree listening to some Tool songs (which seem to be hitting the spot for me right now) while my dad is pulling weeds nearby. I think that my enemies hate it when I get along with my family and enjoy the bounty which is available to me. I think that my enemies prefer that I do not get along with my family, have no friends, retreat into a misanthropic shell, and fall into a downward spiral of self-destructive behaviors. (At least one of the persons I currently regard as an enemy of mine grew up in more destitute and adversarial circumstances than I did, worked its way out of poverty by holding down multiple jobs while attending university, and prides itself on its professional achievements. That same person seems to want to prevent me from enjoying a fulfilling career and lifestyle because that person seems to think that I deserve to “swap” status such that my enemy gets to enjoy a “rags-to-riches” existence while I am supposed to suffer a “riches-to-rags” existence. My enemy seems to regard me as competition to obliterate and someone it would rather see destroyed than flourish because my enemy thinks that, in order for it to be happy, I have to be unhappy (and vice versa) because that person is rather simplistic, infantile, and allegedly has had brain damage as a result of being oxygen deprived while being born (according to what that person has told me)).

I told my dad that the Internet works fine out here. I happen to be sitting close to the Wi-Fi router. It’s a nice little zen place to sit and I can tell that my enemy (who may have enlisted pig_gorl to represent it) is insanely jealous of me having such a peaceful and beautiful place to use the Internet; a respite from the cede, noisy, trash-filled, violence-inducing, overcrowded ghettos that enemy seems to prefer I settle for living in as a homeless person. What I think is most likely is that the particular enemy I am talking about wants me to conform to a “damsel in distress” caricature who has nothing but a boyfriend to look forward to and who lacks much in the way of actual interests besides sex, superficial beauty, and low-brow and sensationalist media.

On a more positive note, I am rejoicing in how I am on a quest to always optimize my lifestyle as much as possible. I feel like I have the means to live as well as a billionaire entrepreneur (not in terms of actual money, but more importantly, in terms of quality of life). I happen to live close to the edge of a sprawling alpine wilderness which spans what seems to be hundreds of miles northeast of where my dad’s house is located. I might as well enjoy it as much as I can and not let pig_gorl (and other enemies of mine) get in my way. Just for living well I will probably always stir up animosity and opposition from other people who are not in as fortunate as circumstances as I am. Many of such people seem to demand that I be their loyal and apologetic wimp of a slave as well while such people offer me little of value in return. Hence, I only intend to invest in communities which support my values and goals rather while treating all others as “black holes” which only take and almost never give; greedy, anti-intellectual, chauvinist, lazy, fear-driven, violence-mongering, meat-eating, proudly gasoline-burning pigs who shamelessly overpopulate the planet with spawn they do not intend to do the bare minimum to support and raise because such pigs expect other people to always pay for their excess and to excuse them as too primitive to be reasoned with and to be held accountable for their actions. I do not expect such people to do anything but demand to be coddled and excused to be belligerent burdens and accommodated at all costs. I do not expect such people to seriously contribute to advancing society in terms of scientific, technological, and humanitarian progress because such people seem to only care about themselves at a level I literally think is subhuman compared to what I and my preferred company is.

Finally, and despite sounding quite tribalistic of me to say, no one whom I consider to be a “biological relative” (i.e. parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and nieces) and no one who I consider to be a friend and no one who is a resident of my household is being regarded as an enemy of mine. If I said hateful things about any of those whom I regard as being part of my “circle of allies” in the past, I would like to dismiss such denigration and “hate speech” now as mere junk data which I had to process out of my nervous system in order to figure out who I regard as an enemy and who I regard as an enemy.

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