There is a high probability that I will not receive further correspondence regarding my job applications with either Whole Foods Market or FedEx. Hence, I decided to submit a job application for a warehouse job at the LivingSpaces facility which is adjacent to the OnTrac facility I most recently worked at (and there is a hiring event within the next two weeks at that LivingSpace facility).

(What I plan to do differently than how I used to with regards to job searching is only applying for jobs which I know for sure I can commute to and do full time. Such jobs are neither customer service jobs nor food handling jobs. Such jobs tend to be entry-level warehouse jobs only. Then, once I start working, I intend to save money for a bicycle as quickly as possible so that I can minimize my commute time without violating my personal ethics as an environmentalist).

Anyway, I decided to include some details of some fun dreams I recently had. One dream I had was me walking across the surface of water inside of some pool in an industrial setting at night. Some “cartoon logic” kicked in as I continued walking and the clear water beneath my feet turned to air and I was able to “fly” by walking along some plane through space above the ground. I walked about half a mile through the air in the midst of that outdoor industrial setting. That dream ended with me walking into a large warehouse through a window and being cheered on by other young adults wearing fluorescent safety vests gathered on the floor of that building apparently getting ready to start their graveyard shift in unison. Apparently I was a new hire joining that team.

The most recent fun dream I had occurred last night. Apparently AJP wanted to help me get to my night shift job on time knowing I did not yet have a bicycle but he did. He offered to bicycle me to work. I accepted the offer. The best part of the dream was the experience of traveling super fast (for a bicycle) and narrowly missing obstacles but not being too worried about getting into an accident because AJP was extremely talented at operating the bicycle whose handlebars I was sitting on such that my first-person vantage had nothing blocking my view of the road ahead. It felt like being an immaterial camera more than being an object with noticeable mass because of how weightless and agile whatever was sustaining my frame of reference appeared to be.

Although such dreams seem to lack philosophical significance (compared to more intricate dreams I have had), I appreciate that dreams can also provide simple escapist pleasure which is quite a respite from the usual morose and torturous thinking I typically engage in during my waking hours. I intend to get skilled at lucid dreaming as a means to explore reality in ways which enable me to operate outside of the apparently rigid physical laws of the universe which I inhabit during what appears to be my one and only waking life.

I have had some dreams whose details I mostly do not remember until I continue where I left off. It appears that my consciousness travels to or is split into multiple different universes. I remember witnessing a solar eclipse in one dream and then continuing where I left off apparently in the same dream in which I am witnessing a solar eclipse with at least one day between what appears to be two parts of one dream. Perhaps there is no waking life and, instead, all the dreams I have are just as vivid and meaningful as every other dream I have (more or less). Perhaps multiple versions of me exist concurrently and dreaming is a way for disembodied and immortal consciousness to inhabit different points of view (and one point of view at a time).

One of the biggest items on my “bucket list” (of things I want to do before I die or at least get done within the next 100 years) is take substantial amounts of DMT multiple times such that I can use that molecule to explore dream worlds and perhaps alternate universes (and maybe even attain superhuman and even God-level capabilities) as a consciousness researcher and, of course and to the best of my ability, document my findings in this website.

I hope to make my websites accessible between all the universes I inhabit and to maintain continuity of karbytes’ consciousness forever. I also hope to gather more empirical and logical evidence which supports the claim that death is merely an illusion and that unbroken continuity of an information processing agent’s consciousness is possible such that immortality is actually feasible to attain as an information processing agent.

One last rather significant detail: shortly after I started “hearing voices” which appeared to respond immediately to my thoughts in early in the year 2019, I remember laying on my mattress in my room at my dad’s house at night and hearing those voices threatening to hit me because we were apparently in conflict with each other. I kid you not: shortly after one of the voices threatened to assault me, I got punched so hard in the guts seemingly from some invisible entity floating above me that it knocked the wind out of me, shocked me, and physically hurt as much as getting punched in the stomach by a normal flesh-and-blood human typically does. I strongly suspect that the military has special operations personnel who perhaps take DMT in order to travel outside of their physical bodies as relatively unencumbered astral bodies which can travel through walls and maneuver through three-dimensional space in any direction with relative ease perhaps in order to gather intel as spies who evade detection by electromagnetic sensors, gravity sensors, et cetera and to manipulate objects which are instantiated within a matrix comprised of electromagnetic signals of various frequencies and densities. I think that light is the fundamental substrate which carries the information necessary to substantiate what appears to be my base level reality and, also, that time is a dimension in addition to three-dimensional space whose speed and direction is also a function of how densely packed the light waves are (and that light itself is some kind of time-transcendent substrate within a more featureless substrate which I believe is pure consciousness itself).

To be clear, my current worldview is that the entirety of nature is contained within exactly one irreducible and ubiquitous field which is conscious from multiple “angles” simultaneously. A corollary of that worldview is that literally everything occurs within the context of a dream as a component of that dream. In other words, I believe that all physical phenomena are actually mental phenomena.

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