“Gratitude” is the last thing I said before I got hit by a bus.

I seemingly cannot overstate enough the fact that any content which I publish to the World Wide Web could be logically incoherent or counter to empirical data. In other words, anything I say online has the potential to be fictional to some extent instead of wholly non-fiction (and I consider non-fiction to be information which is deemed by its readers to be a reliably accurate record of events which actually happened with minimal subjective bias).

Notice that each web page in my websites has a link to the PUBLIC_DOMAIN web page of my primary website. Perhaps I should also include a link to some kind of disclaimer web page which reiterates what I wrote in the previous paragraph. Given that my websites already contain more than a few hundred web pages total, I think it is best for me to keep the footnote which declares that web page to be public domain intellectual property as it is. Hopefully people who visit my website will not assume that everything I publish is non-fiction according to the definition which I provided in the previous paragraph.

Gratitude is something I prefer to “indulge” in every day and to abide in as often and as deeply as possible. I am grateful for my mind, body, and universe.

Of course, some people seem to think I should always be too miserable (as a result of other people deliberately trying to make me suffer by depriving me of what I feel entitled to or at the very least want) to be grateful. Those people seem to feel that they are entitled to “indulge” in gratitude and that I am not. Those people seem to require that I think and behave in a petulant and profoundly unhappy manner. For more context on this matter, please see the previous journal entry web page.

It should be noted that the previous journal entry web page is a bit hyperbolic. What might be even more relevant context is the following: I choose to believe that, at this time, there are people who exist who strongly prefer that I remain unemployed and 100% dependent on other people for all of my material needs and wants so that I am effectively reduced to the position of a small child. Such people seem to try to sabotage my efforts to get and to keep what I think is a good job for me because such people are envious of me having that good of a standard of living compared to what those people have (and those people are basically welfare bums who do nothing but try to pick fights with me like it is their only hobby). I might be exaggerating or entirely making up what I said in this paragraph. In other words, feel free to treat this paragraph as merely fictional if you prefer to. I will not try to prove nor to disprove this journal entry’s historical accuracy.

A few years ago I used to think that I would not be able to get any job besides a job in customer service because I thought I would not be able to pass a drug test which would disqualify me for having THC in my bloodstream (and such drug tests seem to be required for “no experience” non-customer-service jobs such as package handling) and because I would not be able to work from home (because people tend to hack my computer and sabotage my Internet connection whenever I try to get serious work done at home). I was told that I would not even be able to get a customer service job either because I would be forced to live outside either because someone is filing a restraining order against me or else someone is making my home a hostile place for me to live at seemingly in order to “softly evict” me and force me to be functionally homeless while apparently being provided for (but only to a minimal extent to keep me from running away but not enough to get anything more than baseline survival in a relatively bed-ridden state accomplished day to day) and that I would not be able to get a job because my hair would be unkempt, my clothes would be dirty and tattered, and my mind would be frazzled from feeling so deprived of respite from constant over stimulation as a result of not being able to relax in an indoor environment on a regular basis without someone else always present to make sure that I do not get the chance to enjoy myself too well because I am supposed to be too mentally ill to be taken seriously and keeping me from being able to relax helps to make it look like I am insane when I am really just deprived of privacy and personal space and dignified circumstances in which to live. Now I know that I can relatively easily get a job in something not customer service related because many of the places which used to disqualify job applicants if they tested positive for THC now no longer consider testing positive for THC to be a disqualifying factor. Also, I carry literally everything I need to get and to keep a job on my person (and it is not much and it is surprisingly light weight) in a camping backpack including my birth certificate, social security card, laptop computer, clothes, and sleeping bag. That is how I adapted to adversity: by being ready to get evicted without notice and without any time to gather my belongings.

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