Last night at approximately 1:30AM while browsing the Internet I happened upon some images which are identical to the images displayed on some ceramic tiles which were (and, to my knowledge, still are) leaning against the wall above the stove in the kitchen of the house I lived in as a child. Those images are nostalgic to me and inspired me to start using the art supplies which I recently bought (i.e. a pad of recycled multimedia white paper, a set of colored pencils, and a pack of fine-tip black ink pens (and I have a metal pencil sharpener in my backpack which I bought approximately one year ago)). I set out to go find a well-lit and secluded nook to draw at within a mile of my house. When I arrived at that nook, I took out one of the small dried penis envy mushrooms which I recently bought from an Oakland dispensary and got moderately high (and a bit uncomfortably so as usual (which is fine with me because I understand that shrooms are “designed” to amplify my nervous system’s ability to confront philosophical and personal issues which have yet to be adequately resolved in addition to some of the mildly unpleasant physiological side effects such as nausea and increased blood pressure)). While drawing I was silently communicating with the thought police without moving my mouth nor vibrating my vocal chords (i.e. using just my thoughts as input (relative to me) and receiving auditory stimuli from the thought police as output (relative to me)). The shroom effects became less psychosomatic and more cerebral after about twenty minutes. That’s when my verbal and logical thoughts became extra eloquent and novel. I was inspired to write a tweet about intelligence and how it is seemingly easier for me to create intelligence (in the form of software which digital computers can execute as programmatic instructions) than for me to define intelligence (using verbal statements intended for humans to interpret). I stayed up all night drawing one of my favorite objects: a cube comprised of eight cubes whose side lengths are the same length. I colored that structure in a rather random way such that all eight cubes were filled with color rather than left blank. After that, I took a photograph of that drawing using my Android phone and I digitally modified the image by increasing the color saturation, lowering the contrast, and adjusting the white point to make the image look “glowy” (and I cropped the image to be square shaped). Then I published that image to my Instagram page as an Instagram post. Though I think the image looks decent enough to “sell” as artwork, I would like to try drawing that object again such that the perspective is more realistically depicting a three-dimensional cube looked at from the from a particular angle and such that the coloring is more minimalistic. That has been one of my classic mistakes when drawing: I have a tendency to over do it on the coloring to the extent that the otherwise smooth gradients look like mottled crayon fills done by attention-deficit little kids. That’s fine. I intend for my Instagram page to document my progress as an artist. The more I practice, the better I get at it!

Note that I have deleted the tweet I published at approximately 4AM because it is not as well-worded as I want it to be. I think I do a better job articulating what I was attempting to imply by that tweet in this journal entry (i.e. the underlined text in the paragraph above).

image_link: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2023_PART_26/main/twitter_karbytes_22_april_2023_part_0.png

image_link: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2023_PART_26/main/instagram_karbytes_22_april_2023_part_0.jpeg

image_link: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2023_PART_26/main/felix_vallotton_cat_tile_metropolitan_museum_of_art_vintage_kipling_illustration_22_april_2023.png

image_link: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2023_PART_26/main/the_cat_that_walked_by_himself_by_rudyard_kipling_illustration_22_april_2023.png

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