I think I have significantly higher anxiety about ecological destruction and its adverse health effects than the vast majority of people in my country (i.e. the United States of America). My anxiety (and, quite frankly, anger at what I perceive to be gross widespread and normalized dismissal of the severity of environmental toxicity, climate change, loss of biodiversity, and ultimately the extinction of more than 80% of the global human population) is generally treated by other people as pathological and arguably criminal; a severely (socially) disabling mental illness and grounds for being dismissed as lacking credibility and professionalism.

While at the DMV, I heard people (mostly women) saying derogatory things about me (though I might have been mishearing their words). When I tried to submit the medical examination result documents which state that I have been approved to get a two-year commercial driver’s certification (not because I want a driving job but because, in order to be qualified to work as a part-time FedEx package handler at the facility I applied for, I was required to undergo a physician exam and urine drug test and to submit the resulting paperwork to the DMV in order to proceed with my job application (and I do have another job offer pending for a night stocker at Whole Foods Market provided that my background check for that job position clears)), the DMV clerk took the document to a back room for a few minutes and then came back to tell me that the form was incomplete because there was a section which required the medical examination provider to fill out and for me was left blank. (I cannot help but assume that I am being discriminated against due to my transgender hormone usage (and yesterday the medical examiner warned me that my risk of breast cancer is increased as a result of taking those hormones (which is a claim I do not recall ever being told before)). It seems that politically conservative people are opposed to my lifestyle to the extent that they demand that I be evicted from my home, denied employment other than deliberately humiliating and unsatisfying jobs, and treated worse than most other people.

I do not have friends at this time because, in order to have friends, I have to be a lot more cheerfully indifferent to what I claim to be more concerned about (and actively engaged in trying to mitigate). I reason that I do not need friends. Instead, all I really need (in order to achieve my goals) is acquaintances (i.e. people I associate with for business, legal, and survival reasons exclusively). I seem to require a lot less social interaction than most humans do to feel satisfied. I seem to get most of my “sense of community” from being a contributing member of the open source community and from partaking in online forums centered around my particular nerdy interests.

I can tell that the society I live in implicitly assumes that I primarily commute by driving a gasoline powered car (and the most popular car by far in my region seems to be gasoline powered SUVs). People who drive cars are more insulated from environmental conditions than are people who walk (or run), bicycle, or ride public transportation. Hence, I am more viscerally aware of the environment than I imagine most people in my region are. Also, unlike seemingly most people in my region, I adhere to a plant-based diet as much as possible (which is more than 99% of the time) with knowledge that doing so nets significantly less pollution, deforestation, and the suffering of non-human animals than a meat-eating diet would net. My “green hippie” lifestyle is simply not compatible with most other people’s lifestyles (which means we have too little in common in terms of shared values and goals to be genuine friends with each other).

I am hoping that, if I keep building out this website, eventually other people will flock to it as a source of insight and inspiration (though I do not intend to coerce people to pay attention to my website by aggressively promoting my website in a spam-like manner or by censoring whoever my competitors are). I hope that people will come to understand my reasoning and use their own critical thinking skills to verify for themselves that my reasoning is actually quite logically sound, supported by ample empirical evidence, and emotionally compelling. I hope to infect many people with severe climate anxiety such that a “critical mass” of such anxiety will spur more urgent and effective remediation.

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