Today while waiting for approximately 2 hours at the medical clinic in San Leandro to complete a pre-employment urine drug test for the FedEx job I have been offered and accepted, I e-signed some documents to indicate that I accepted the job offer from Whole Foods Market and to initiate the background check (and I was told that my tentative start date for that job is 25_APRIL_2023).

This morning while I was waiting for a northbound BART train at Warm Springs BART station (which is in Fremont), AJP called my phone. When I tried to answer the phone call was missed. I tried calling AJP back. He answered and said he accidentally called my phone number and was surprised that I was still using that phone number. The phone call was less than three minutes and amounted mostly to me debriefing AJP about my employment this year. (To my knowledge AJP and I have not interacted with each other since November 2022). AJP said he had to attend to some meeting and that he intends to talk to me later. I am glad that happened. I think AJP and I could be very good friends (but I nevertheless am committed to being single but not necessarily celibate because being “super independent” and living on my own as an urban camper/backpacker are essential components of “my game”).

Some of the digital content which I have created prior to today is argued by some people to contain racist, sexist, classist, ethnocentric, ignorant-sounding, logically-contradictory, and otherwise distasteful implications. I intend for all digital content which I create in the future to not contain those kinds of distasteful implications. I intend for all digital content which I create in the future to be as high quality and non threatening as possible.

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