Within the past two weeks I created a summary of my expected personal expenses (but have since decided that many of those expenses are no longer necessary to my sense of feeling that I am making adequate progress towards accomplishing my highest-priority goals as a human-to-cyborg information processing agent).

Within the past two days I decided to cancel my gym membership (which cost me approximately $50 per month) because I felt that I was not getting adequate value of my gym membership (mainly because my main reason for instating that gym membership was to be able to take a shower some place other than my legal address so that I could get as close to living on my own as possible while working and pursuing hobbies and an education (and, within the past two months, I have been doing my laundry at a public laundry mat which uses quarters to power the washing machines and dryers and while using my own organic plant-based lavender scented laundry detergent which I bought from Whole Foods Market)).

I was disappointed many times when I went to the locker rooms to take a shower at the gym only to find that the water was rarely hotter than lukewarm (which left me feeling cold rather than thawed out from being in cold, windy, and/or rainy weather). Even worse was the smell and texture and the sight of feces caked onto clumps of hair left next to the drain. That entire facility (especially the locker rooms) smelled atrociously pungent and it was usually quite crowded and full of the sound of other people hocking loogies and such. Finally, the floor and walls always had some kind of slimy, rotten peach smelling residue which would not got away even when I tried rinsing it down the drain. By contrast, taking showers at my legal address are much more enjoyable for the following features which were almost always lacking while using the gym showers: (a) consistently plentiful warm water which is hot enough to satisfy my temperature preferences, (b) lacking in gross residue and other waste products from other humans, and (c) private and quiet rather than loud and communal feeling.

Tonight (after I arrived home at approximately 1:30AM after walking from the Castro Valley BART station to my legal address near the northernmost edge of Castro Valley south of the Rammage Peak wilderness area) I took a shower (using the organic plant-based lavender scented shampoo which I bought from Whole Foods Market). I pet my cat Brea and used the in-house washing machine and dryer to wash and dry all of my clothes (using my own laundry detergent). I might as well just return to using my legal residence to do my laundry as well so that I do not have to keep asking for change in quarters at places I go shopping (which costs me approximately $5 per public laundry mat washer/dryer cycle).

I have been sitting in the living room near the Wi-Fi router using my phone and laptop to browse Instagram and update this website. This is different than what I have been doing most other nights over the past few months. I still plan on sleeping outside rather than indoors because I feel most comfortable sleeping outside in various locations which are in safe, familiar, and relatively secluded regions (and I know plenty of such regions). I just do not plan on missing out being able to use my own house as a place to take showers, do laundry, and otherwise enjoy myself (much to my enemies’ dismay (because my enemies prefer I strictly adhere to the lifestyle of a homeless person rather than a student who, according to its enemies, seems to have “too much” free time, fun, and vitality for its age)).

I am not trying to make any person feel bad (but I prioritize my satisfaction over the satisfaction of my enemies (which means that I intend to only do what I want and not necessarily what anyone else wants)).

In a few weeks there is a high probability that I will be working afternoons and evenings in Dublin/Pleasanton as a package handler most days of the week.

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