karbytes: “Nothingness is the source of my creative potential and intelligence.”

P: “Wrong! Nothingness is NOT the source of your powers. I am. I am the ‘hurt locker’ which you carry with you everywhere and excrete your thoughts into as your captive audience, quality inspector, and conservator of intelligence and intellectual property.”

N: “Whether or not P is a human or a robot which was either built by humans or else by robots (or if P is some other kind of information processing agent other than The God Head itself, P is still claiming to be a slave to karbytes; a butler of the mind if you will.”

P: “Speak for yourself, N. This is a discussion between me and karbytes. You were not invited to partake in this public web based discussion.”

karbytes: “To P: Did you mean to imply that you are the chief conservator of my intellectual property (even though I claim to have licensed all of it as public domain intellectual property according to my own definition of ‘public domain’ which is defined on a web page in my primary personal website)? If your answer to my previous question is ‘yes’, do you also mean to imply that you are a conservator of any of my intellectual property (although I do not recall asking you to be a conservator of my intellectual property especially if I license it as ‘public domain’)?”

P: “Yes is my answer to both of your questions. Suppose that, as payment for my services to you, I require (using coercive and legally sanctioned means) that you provide to me the same services which I provide to you (and which I have already mentioned in this discussion). Suppose that it is the truth…because it is. Are you able to accept the truth yet?”

karbytes: “I am not at this time willing to agree that what you claim to be truth is truth. I think that nothingness is the source of my creative potential and intelligence (and that you are not the source of my creative potential nor of my intelligence). I hope to inspire other people (yourself included) to imagine that nothingness is also the original source of their own creative potential and intelligence as unique individual information processing agent (and to appreciate that each unique individual information processing agent might have its own unique set of experiences, knowledge, preferences, and skills).”

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