I am very grateful to be alive in this time, place, body, and mind that I refer to as “mine”. Last night in the wee hours I was reading about “code spaces” on GitHub (which is a remote hardware service which enables software developers to execute their code on machines which may be orders of magnitude more powerful than the devices they are using to write code on and connect to GitHub through). That means that I could keep developing C++ applications on something cheap like a Chromebook (but I am not worried about losing my laptop because (a) I likely have an onsite (in exactly one parcel routing warehouse location) job soon which which I was offered this morning and which seems to fit my lifestyle perfectly and which pays me adequately provided that my background check is approved by the employer and (b) I have two minimally functional laptops stowed away inside a microwave in my room at my legal residence and (c) I am not afraid to use the computers at public libraries nor at California State University East Bay’s library). I would always always always prefer to use my own personal laptop for 90+% of my computer usage. I like being a software developing firm comprised of exactly one person: karbytes!

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