It smells like fresh human feces as I type this note on the BART train. Most of the BART platforms and many BART train cars are filled with cigarette smoke from people who clearly do not mind forcing other people to inhale their carcinogenic and toxic fumes. (The humans have been leaving their garbage, vomit puddles, and other unsanitary waste products on the seats of these trains as usual). Below are screenshots of tweets which I have removed from social media but decided to keep screenshots of on this web page for my future selves (and others) to find and perhaps be amused by. (The most recent tweet which I deleted was written from the context of someone who things that as many jobs as possible should be automated (which I think would scale up production, scale down costs (including pollution and accidents), and hence make the value of a single dollar more stable than ever before). Perhaps the biggest “challenge” to widespread and rapid automation is humans not having the self discipline to manage their own time and welfare without someone else there to metaphorically crack a whip over their backs. Also, it could be that most humans are not comfortable with change in general and prefer to adhere to the old routines which have supplied them with a sense of autonomy, community, and stability. I would not want to deprive people of their comforting and beloved livelihoods and lifestyles, but at the same time, I even more do not want to be deprived of living in as modern and utopian of a world as I dream of and wish to be living in as soon as possible. To be clear, I want everyone to have the option to subsist on a universal basic income and for nutritious food, decent housing, self-driving taxis, advanced healthcare, and all other commodities which make life worth living accessible to all people (which means that the population would have to be sufficiently small and production of commodities would need to be larger than the demand for such commodities (meaning that people can enjoy an “abundance” mindset instead of a “scarcity” mindset)). At the same time, I would want all people (whether or not they request UBI) to have the option to go to college and/or to enter the workforce (doing jobs that require human applicants instead of only employing robots).

What I think is particularly disgusting is how today (and many other days in recent years and especially this year) I almost always see other humans in my visual field whenever my eyes are open (from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep on a patch of cement in some place I hope not to get bothered by humans). Most of my time and energy is seemingly spent trying to avoid being near other people because, as long as I see or hear other people close to me, I feel “on guard” until I get away from them because they seem to frequently demand that I pay attention to them sooner or later. Solitude is such a scarce and coveted thing because it seems to be the only way for me to extract the precious untapped potentials I have as a creative in my mind. Such potentials are at risk of being underutilized as a result of having to be “on guard” for too much of my time and in solicitude for too little of my time. Space and time to hear myself think without interruption is not something I think most humans seriously want me to have. I think most people prefer that I be deprived of what I just described so that I remain simple, easy to impress, and easy to control for their convenience of course. I doubt any human is more invested in my health, autonomy, and lifestyle/career goals as I am. This is not to suggest that any human other than myself should be more invested in my health, autonomy, and lifestyle/career goals than those people currently are (because, like me, other people are presumed to be motivated solely by self-serving hedonistic and survival-promoting desires (and humans can only process a finite amount of information per finite time interval)).

One critique I have of people who appear to be what I consider to be “poor” and/or “uneducated” is how they often reenact the same irritating caricatures over and over again ad naseum in many of the places I frequent: swaggering, fidgeting, incessantly loud talking, loud music playing, and sometimes spitting and doing other “immature” things which make me resent humans from being so “easy” to mate with and make more of each other by. Though I have grown to have some fondness for these patterns, I would much rather people not be so horrifically “dumbed down” and “dilapidated” to the point that I cannot help but feel that the society I am living in is feels like an overcrowded insane asylum in which humans are pitted against each other as they compete for artificially scarce resources and are aggressively peddled complacency-mongering and authoritarian propaganda (whether subliminally or more consciously).

Perhaps it is strategic for me to pretend that I am the only human alive at this time in human history who is able and/or willing to upgrade society while most of the humans helplessly act out technocracy’s commands and think only what it wants them to think. That means that it would likely be futile for me to get humans to do much other than unquestioningly defend the petroleum industry, meat industry, and “patriarchy” while promoting censorship, retribution, and other practices I wish to abolish. (Of course I believe that STEM majors such as engineers and scientists are likely intelligent enough to appreciate the contents of this blog post without feeling that their egos have been threatened).

What I said is not necessarily an accurate depiction of what most other humans are actually like. I wrote this journal entry and decided to share it on the World Wide Web to help information processing agents better understand me (and the human condition in general).

(If need be, I would give people other than myself credit for the work I do if that is the only way for it to get done at all (due to censorship, threats of violence, and other coercive means to make it hard for people to associate me with the valued fruits of my labor). To be clear, what I mean to suggest is that I do not want progress towards solving the world’s problems to be slowed down nor otherwise hindered as a result of my slow progress towards advancing my education, et cetera. I do not need to play hero nor to be famous nor to patent any invention I might come up with. I am wholly against patents because I think it stifles innovation and slows down mitigating the world’s suffering. I just want to help the smartest people in the world get their work done and, also ideally, to be one of the smartest people in the world. The smartest people in the world are those I probably most favor and most wish to not impede the activities of (though I wish to not impede any person’s autonomy)).

I did not mean to suggest that I do not seek to get recognition for the work I do from other people. I hope that many people discover my website and come to know more about me through that medium than they would by other means. Rather than have other people represent me on my behalf, I would rather be my own representative when interfacing with the public.

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