Warning: the following note is what karbytes considers to be very “low brow” yet necessary to include in this blog as a means to get such banal subject matter purged from karbytes’ nervous system and onto the Internet once and for all.

Perhaps women only achieve only as much as their male family members want them to. Perhaps a UBI (i.e. Universal Basic Income) is being delayed and so is the automation of jobs because making advancements towards such ends threatens too many male egos.

A fragile human male ego reacts quite strongly and negatively to news that robots can do (aspects of) his job orders of magnitude more efficiently and effectively than he can. Such a “man” would demand to outlaw continued research and development in the domain of robotics and artificial intelligence and then brag about how useful he is and how he is one of the best at what he does. Meanwhile, know-nothing bimbo girls coo and cheer him on (while spending most of their lives preparing to be his gold digger of a wife and brood mare to his offspring).

I am afraid that, if I publish this note on the World Wide Web, then I am suggesting that karbytes is not ready to graduate from gender and identity politics in general. karbytes claims to be finished with such topics and ready to limit specialization to professional interests only. Professional interests of karbytes include artificial intelligence and sustainable infrastructure (especially photovoltaics).

I do think that Hispanics are the reason why technological and societal progress is so slow and why fossil fuels are still in effect. Must I remind them of pandemic statistics? (During the COVID-19 pandemic, I saw a CNN clip claiming that most racial groups in the United States of America reduced their birth rates while the birth rate increased amongst Hispanic/Latino people in that country. Such people seem to feel entitled to having babies whether or not they, their communities, or the ecosystem can adequately provide them the resources they need to thrive and to not merely survive in squalor (which perpetuates poverty, illiteracy, disease, and violence for more generations). It seems that people are encouraged to have as many babies as possible with as little preparation and as little thought as possible so that, when the human population reaches “critical mass”, the elites can start selecting which humans to save and which to exterminate while justifying that doing so is the only way to save the human species (and that apocalypse and genocide is premeditated many years in advance by those who are opposed to sustainable infrastructure and in favor of rendering Planet Earth inhospitable as quickly as possible but not too quickly because the elites and their chosen ones will likely default to making Mars their backup planet in case living in subterranean bunkers on Planet Earth is not enough to satisfy the surviving human inhabitants)).

Unless human women and children are screaming and crying in fear and pain in droves, there is not a hot enough fire alit beneath thine asses to spur thy highness to take remedial action to save Your world. Lubricate thy phallus in blood spilled for Your moment of rapture.

Women of color deserve their own special class on how to break into the technology sector. The first class involves a few rounds of deep breathing, self loving mantra recitals, and then the daunting task of turning the computer on.

In order to respect the special cultural customs of the people of color, the men have to be allowed to enter the classroom at any time and, for any reason, shut down the curriculum because what matters most in such cultures is the man’s fragile ego being pampered and propped up at all costs.

Unfortunately the classes on how to break into the technology sector as a woman of color has been discontinued by popular demand of the student’s male partners. Also, research and deployment of artificial intelligence has been discontinued and continued reliance on fossil fuels is by far what the people seem to want more than sustainable energy infrastructure. Driving accidents will continue to be relatively commonplace rather than exceedingly rare due to the fact that the fragile human male egos demand to be driving the cars, trucks, trains, ships, aircrafts (et cetera) instead of letting robots drive those vehicles instead. So human civilization is only as technologically advanced and culturally robust as the fragiel human male egos can stand. Most women stand by and pretend not to understand how they enable such lethargy, small-mindedness, anthropocentricism, normalized poverty, normalized poor health, normalized lack of education, normalized lack of personal hobbies outside of merely consuming entertainment media passively and eating food (and having sex), and aggressive denial that human activity is causing serious climate change enough to threaten the survival of many species including humans.

Although I have been submitting job applications to various package handling and warehouse jobs since I was terminated from my package handling job approximately one week ago, I am seriously wondering whether or not I should just take several months off working to study computer science and software development by building, testing, and publishing technical documentation about software applications I make and by taking online classes and doing class assignments such that I can earn a certificate of completion and some professional human feedback.

I believe that the Internet presently provides a wealth of resources for how to get a full-time job as a software developer which pays more than the jobs I would otherwise settle for and which can be accomplished within a few years if not months (especially since I am not a mere beginner at such subjects and already have some “industry experience” from the three year internship I did at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as a Google Apps Script developer).

There are people who show vehement disdain for me wanting to pursue such educational and career goals. Honestly, I seem to get at least five times as much discouraging messages from other people as I do encouraging ones. That’s another compelling reason to avoid anyone who does not support my goals even if that means I turn into a hermit with few or no friends. At the very least I have relatively wealthy parents I can ask for financial support from at times I need it and I believe my parents are more invested in my welfare than most other humans ever have been, are, and ever will be. It has been a long time since I have really been part of any social group. Hence, my absence is probably not troubling to anyone but myself and my parents (and perhaps some of my stalkers). It is upsetting to the delicate social ecosystem for me to try to carve a niche for myself inside of someone else’s microeconomy. If all else fails, that is what I would most likely end up doing: asking to be an employee doing something that requires I basically shut up and do some menial tasks and not look particularly uptight about anything (and not thinking about anything outside the present moment and what simple tasks I am doing). I will not try to fit in with “the cool kids” at work who listen to loud, loungy rap (with male chimps emitting vocalizations which are monotonous, smug, and self-righteous sounding while female chimps emit vocalizations which are cloying, whiny, and horny sounding) and who seem to have just graduated from the same high school and know each other as friends. I will just be some relatively quiet yet friendly and unassuming fuddy duddy who does not mind being called names and pronouns which I do not feel flattered by. That would be the case if other humans made it too difficult for me to pursue those “upwardly mobile” goals of mine.

I am not insinuating that any particular humans are giving me a hard time. It could be that whoever is giving me a hard time is (a) fictional, (b) an artificial intelligence impersonating a human, (c) a human I have never been personally acquainted with, (d) a human I have been personally acquainted with, or (e) some other configuration.

If I could summarize my main point in writing this journal entry, my main point would be this: human ego is the biggest obstacle to human civilization advancing forward in terms of scientific discovery, technological innovation, and average quality of life standards.

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