F: “It is easier for a human to be kind to other humans if that human is not in too much pain to enjoy or its life to what that human deems to be an adequate extent.”

G: “Real kindness is behavior resulting from a deeply felt connection to all things and an appreciation for nature’s complexity, mystery, and beauty.”

F: “Are you suggesting that all beings deserve to thrive (or at the very least survive)?”

G: “Yes to thriving but not necessarily to surviving. In a crowded ecosystem in which resources for sustaining an organism’s survival are relatively scarce (with respect to population sizes, resource consumption rate, resource procurement rate, and other limiting factors), some organisms may need to die (or at least reduce their resource consumption rate of specific resources) in order for other organisms to thrive (and to thrive is to generate sufficient intrinsic worth from surviving to continue surviving for an indefinitely long period into the future).”

* * *

karbytes: “Though I tend to prefer to assume that I would volunteer to kill or to deprive myself of what I value about human existence if other humans (especially children) implicitly or explicitly demand to take up resources which would otherwise be consumed by me, I sometimes prefer that other humans (including children) be deprived of resources or killed so that I can enjoy a better standard of living than what I would presumably otherwise enjoy.”

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