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It is enough for me to not intervene in other people’s activities provided those activities do not impede my activities.

It is not required that I give any person other than law enforcement my money, time, and information (unless a legal contract stating otherwise is both established in writing and enforced by law enforcement personnel).

It is not necessarily any person’s obligation to be what a person considers adequately informed about any matter.

Perhaps I should just become a full-time hermit and spend most of my time camping with my laptop and camping batteries in a tent in some remote part of the wilderness (away from densely populated urban/residential and car traffic and urban noise/pollution).

I would do that but I am afraid that, if I do, my mom will stop giving me money (or reduce how much she gives me) and I will hence not be able to pay for my mobile Internet connection nor replacement gear. My fear is so great that I feel obliged to keep job searching until I get a job. I have been sending job applications out every day since my employment with OnTrac was terminated (for missing two consecutive days of work without notifying management).

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