The following note is similar in terms of content quality and theme as journal entry # 253 of chapter 23 of the Karbytes 2023 Journal section of this website. It was published in order to help the author “flush” out some more stubbornly residual mind stuff which is obscuring what karbytes would rather take note of.

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Privacy of thought is about control over one’s own trajectory through time and space as an information processing agent. If some information processing agent named A is able to know what some information processing agent named B’s thoughts are “in real time”, then A can predict what B’s next thoughts and actions are likely to be and hence trap B and then use coercive means to control what B thinks and does from that point in time onward.

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The author of this website self identifies as being genderless and refers to itself as karbytes.

* * *

I saw a video today of what appeared to be human beings torturing their pet cat in order to get attention on the Internet.

Even though I disapprove of the conduct depicted by the humans who recorded and possibly uploaded that video, I do not think that video (nor any other video) should be removed from the Internet merely because that video depicts what some people thinks is upsetting to behold or else has the potential to be used as justification for emulating the behaviors depicted in the video by viewers of that video.

If I censor (i.e. block out) any informational input from my mind, I do so in order to ensure that I have sufficient cognitive resources to process what I think are top priority thought processes using relevant informational inputs. I do not have infinite cognitive resources (i.e. processing power and processing time) to process all the informational inputs which reach my awareness; however, I do have preferences about which informational inputs I pay attention to and which I ignore. Otherwise I would not be nearly as likely as I generally am to achieve my goals.

My top priority goals in developing, sharing, and managing the public domain content I publish on the World Wide Web (especially my personal websites) include (a) fighting all forms of censorship (except for publicly sharing data which is not intended by its original owner to be shared on the public web (unless publicly sharing that data is used to expose criminal activity (and my goals are not to persecute a criminal, but instead, design, build, and test solutions to problems which I think are sufficiently personally relevant)), (b) producing and distributing open source software which enriches the lives of those who use it and who create it, and (c) intervening in other people’s decision-making processes as minimally as possible in order to maximize every person’s personal autonomy and such that people can associate freely based on common interests rather than as a result of being socially, economically, and informationally “quarantined” inside of a “hive mind” which coerces its members to basically think the same thoughts, to renounce individualistic preferences in favor of whatever the “hive mind” wants, and to forsake having a sense of identity outside of being a member of that “hive mind”.

While it might be more efficient and socially, economically, and physically safe for me to dissolve into a “hive mind”, I would rather spend my cognitive resources on maintaining and increasing autonomy as an unaffiliated, stand-alone, one-person enterprise for the remainder of my lifespan as a person.

* * *

P: “If you are so keen on letting the world know you have no gender preference, then why do you take testosterone instead of default to your body’s natural chemistry as a female human?”

karbytes: “I take testosterone because I like the fact that it helps me have bigger, stronger muscles, less breakable bones, no menstrual cycles, what I personally find to be a more aesthetically pleasing voice, and a more aerodynamic and sporty appearance than I would if I defaulted to the chemistry which is congruent with my phenotype (which has an XX chromosome pairing in place of a XY chromosome pairing).”

P: “A lot of people think that you taking testosterone is unnecessary and makes you less valuable to society than if you just remained a cisgendered woman. Therefore, you continuing to go against what society seems to want you to do is a source of ongoing tension in the world which could otherwise be nonexistent if only you learned to accept and to embrace being a cisgendered woman instead what appears to be a transgendered male.”

karbytes: “I understand that many people are vehemently opposed to my taking testosterone and wearing clothes which are marketed towards adult males instead of adult females and such. I figure that, since I am not interested in finding a partner of the opposite biological sex to make babies with nor in having sex partners (nor in having close friends to ‘hang out’ with outside of work), I do not need to advertise my fertility as a woman looking for a man to impregnate her if she has not been already (like most women seem to do implicitly by default). Also, I never pursue women like I want to court them or to have intimate relations with. I find women to be little more than bratty, ignorant, impulsive, and cowardly children disguised as adults who must be treated as having a disability which makes them have less energy, strength, and mental fortitude than they would if they were not so, you know,….relatively disabled.”

P: “Wow! You are such a sexist pig. You deserve to get ostracized and punished for the ugly words you speak and the nasty things you advertise through your web presence and physique.”

karbytes: “I think you are just being a sore loser about how I am not as easy to physically dominate as I used to be and that I actually look and sound more like a man than you do to many others.”

P: “You wanna bet? Wanna fight? Put ’em up. Come on. Let’s dance.”

karbytes: “Must we men always resort to violence in response to something which threatens our egos?”

P: “You make women feel like shit. I’m sick of letting you get away with it.”

karbytes: “Women are not so weak as you make them out to be. They need not my coddling lies. They need my compassionate truths. I want them all to be freer and stronger and smarter than you would permit them to be if you had your way with their bodies and minds. I am showing them by example that they need not settle for being a confined to the weaker vessel if that is not their preference. Instead, thanks to modern medicine and modern cultural sensibilities, women can attain many of the attributes which used to only belong to men which effectively would enable women to compete with men in non-reproductive functions.”

P: “Women do so much more than poop out babies, you know. Women also tend to be the first to declare a truce during fights and they tend to almost never start wars. Women are those us men turn to for comfort because women are so much better at providing it than men are.”

karbytes: “Though I think most humans at this time would agree with you (that women are better consoling others than are men), I think that there are men and women who are very good at consoling others primarily on the basis of being so damned smart compared to what you settle for in terms of who you surround yourself with, depend on, confide in, and logistically entangle yourself with. Generally, I prefer the company of smart, quiet, studious science major nerds (and those people tend to be men). I find non-STEM majors to be comparatively unsophisticated and intellectually lazy, close-minded, narcissistic, and easily offended.”

P: “What is your cult about; making everyone into science majors?”

karbytes: “Not by force, but yeah. I think that having a background in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (with a strong rudimentary foundation in classical and quantum physics) greatly enhances people’s artistic abilities and capacities for philosophical discourse.”

P: “At the end of the day you are nothing but a philosopher.”

karbytes: “When stripped of all my possessions, blind-folded, hand-cuffed, and imprisoned, I have little else than my imagination to retreat to. In such an instance, I would be little more than a philosopher. In fact, if you also sedated me such that I was not allowed to be awake, I might not even have the option to think very complex thoughts. Instead, I might be forced to passively watch some mental movie which the military-industrial complex force feeds my brain while under sedation.”

P: “At least you would be useful as a specimen for research and development initiatives carried out by the military-industrial complex. That’s more productive to its aims than allowing you to run around as freely as you are wrecking havoc on vulnerable minds with your wicked ideas.”

An overlooked thought which I almost forgot to include in this journal entry is the fact that, despite having been in constant multi-way “telepathic” communication with other endpoints of what seems to be a conversation which has been taking place since 2019, I have apparently not yet mastered the art of being able to control which words, images, and other mental phenomena I project into that conversation space and which I keep confined to a more private space. My understanding at this time of writing is that there is no more private space than where my thoughts are being rendered in those endpoints’ minds (“in real time” (perhaps with some degree of signal propagation delay such that I am always the first and only frame of reference rendering my experience)).

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