Even though the following note is considered by karbytes to be relatively frivolous (compared to the content which karbytes think should comprise most of this website), karbytes decided to write that note and to include it in karbytes’ blog because it paints a picture of a recurring dystopian fantasy which karbytes has been plagued by within the past five years. According to karbytes, the “story” which that note depicts serves no purpose other than to paint an absurdist picture of what human society could become if religious extremists get their way.

“His Loyal Subjects Rehabilitation Center” is a remote rehabilitation center which is designed to reform the thoughts and behaviors of wayward young people such that those young people are salvaged and ready to be used to (if men) serve in the military, essential labor force, and government and (if women) to serve as married stay-at-home mothers who help other married stay-at-home mothers keep the faith and to do their womanly duties with minimal hesitation, complaint, and deviance from what is expected of them. (Young women of child-bearing age are under special scrutiny because those young ladies are the only means to preserve and to expand God’s army and nation by becoming pregnant as often as possible and giving birth to as many health babies as possible (and feminism and other secular ideologies have corrupted those young women and made them want to reject their God-given femininity in favor of being more manlike (i.e. egotistical, autonomous, brash, arrogant, boisterous) instead of appropriately womanlike (i.e. humble, soft-spoken, reserved, patient, kindly rather than stone-faced, cheerful rather than sullen, and familial rather than businesslike)). There is a special intensive residential program at “His Loyal Subjects Rehabilitation Center” named “His Loyal Bride” which trains up young women at the facility to be good wives and mothers to a suitable man which is allowed to adopt her out of the facility via marriage (and proof that the marriage was consummated and that the woman is pregnant (and the couple has three months to mate in captivity (while the man leaves to do his work offsite while the woman stays confined to the facility where she is monitored and preserved for pregnancy))). The woman is sent “downward” to a “Fallen Angles Correctional Center” if that woman fails to get pregnant within the requisite window while the man is allowed to remain in his current station while the marriage between that man and woman is nullified due to the fact that it failed to bare the fruit of live, healthy offspring (which means the marriage was not adequately blessed by God to continue being instated). For those who worry that the women are being raped rather than participating in sexual intercourse willingly, rest assured that none of the women are ever being raped because a woman’s God-ordained role in procreation is to give her husband unrestricted access to her body because her body legally belongs to him as his property by virtue of matrimony (and the man is never considered to be the property of any woman because women themselves are mere property while men are managers of property (because, according to God’s official Word, men are supposed to be stronger, more worldly, and more autonomous than their sisters whom they are supposed to protect and to preserve for the glory of God)).

“Fallen Angles Correctional Center” is a facility where those who fail to graduate in a timely manner from “His Loyal Subjects Rehabilitation Center” are sent. Unlike a “His Loyal Subjects Rehabilitation Center”, a “Fallen Angles Correctional Center” is more like a traditional prison than a drug abuse rehabilitation center. Persons who are admitted to a “Fallen Angles Correctional Center” are frequently confined inside of windowless rooms which are deliberately chilled to below freezing temperatures without any clothes or blankets at “random” times and in response to breaking facility rules (or when a staff member thinks that the person to be punished is thinking or behaving in a haughty or rebellious manner). Only by being able to pass evaluation (within a certain time period) which suggests that the person is willing and able to comply with and believe in the instruction taught by “His Loyal Subjects Rehabilitation Center” is that person allowed to exit the facility. Otherwise, that person is sent on a one-way trip to an “End of Life Affairs Center”.

“End of Life Affairs Center” is a facility were those who are deemed to be “irredeemable” are sent to reside for the remainder of their human lifespans. Those who are admitted to an “End of Life Affairs Center” are sedated (yet forced to remain wide awake while partially or fully paralyzed by sedation) more than 20 hours per day and either strapped down to a hospital bed or else in some other kind of physical restraint apparatus which prevents the person from moving any more than necessary to keep that person alive on as low of a budget as possible. Persons who are admitted to an “End of Life Affairs Center” are administered broth intravenously while excrement and urine exits the body through tubes which have been inserted into that person’s body. Persons who are admitted to an “End of Life Affairs Center” lose an average of 25% of their brain mass after staying there for five years (and their bones and muscles are too weak to enable them to walk, stand, sit up, hold a pencil, or even turn their head).

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