As bad as this might sound, I was thinking that perhaps it would be best for me to return to being voluntarily unemployed for most of the remainder of this year while living on ~$40/day from my parents (like I was doing the prior two years following my employment with the Tesla factory in Fremont (and I left that job voluntarily because I was worried that I was not getting enough time between shifts to have much of a life outside of work and personal survival logistics with precious little time and cognitive resources available to be a serious student taking online classes and earning Information Technology skills certifications so that I can greatly increase my chances of getting a job in the technology sector; perhaps doing front-end website development)). If I did nothing but be a full-time student for the next six plus months, perhaps I would be getting more value of my time than I would be if I continued working in a warehouse (especially shifts which are expected to always be longer than the standard 8 hour shift and which force me to skimp on sleep (and, in my experience, it is easier for my body to sleep at night than during the day)).

I asked my parents for a replacement key to my legal residence (i.e. my dad’s house) today so that I can go back to the house to fetch my spare personal belongings in case I need them. I still intend to keep my gym membership instated and to keep doing my laundry at a coin laundry mat instead of my parents’ houses. After I am satisfied with my freestyle primary website updates (particularly after I make a few more “museum quality” math/computer science software applications), I will probably start using a paid monthly subscription service to pursue online IT skills advancement (which will help me modernize my resume for when I submit job applications for relevant jobs closer to the end of this year and the beginning of next year).

I may or may not look for a weekend job in which I only work on Saturdays and Sundays. I may or may not look for a full-time job. At this point, I think I am more likely to look for a part-time weekend job only because I want to spend most of my week studying and working on personal projects instead of working at a relatively low-skill and low-paying job which I would do merely to help pay for my expenses so that I am not totally financially dependent on donations from parents and other people who might donate money to me via my website (and, so far, almost no one has (and I expect that trend to continue because apparently the content I publish is not sufficiently interesting to most people for them to want to allocate any sum of money towards supporting (and I am unwilling to change my content or creative methods merely to appease some audience other than myself in the hopes that whoever that is donates money to me via my personal website’s PayPal and/or Patreon links))).

Perhaps I will just “settle” for a job which has me working more than four days per week and perhaps even more than eight hours per shift just so that I can make a lot more money in less time than I would the other ways I proposed in this journal entry. Perhaps I will “settle” for some alternative arrangement to what I suggested in this journal entry. We will just have to wait and see what the karbytes ends up doing this year.

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